Sick? Tired? Diseased? You can heal yourself of just about anything

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All you need to do in order to heal yourself is to understand how your body actually works.

Once you know how your body works the path to wellness becomes pretty obvious:

Provide your body with what it needs:

  • Rest
  • Good, high quality, easy to digest food such as fruit, berries, and melons

Shield your body from things that harm it:

  • EMF and EMI radiation
  • Toxins in the air, water, food, and things we touch
  • Stress

Note that all of these things add up and cause your body to have less energy remaining to focus on healing as it has to spend more on repairing continued damage and replacing damaged cells.

Let your body focus on healing itself

  • The better you provide for and shield your body the faster you will heal.
  • If you heal too quickly you may experience a healing crisis as your body eliminates toxins however it can

Animals in nature know this. Sick animals rest (and sometimes drink) and let their bodies heal.

The only reason we don't know this is because we've been educated not to see the simple truth. Trillions of dollars would be lost to industry and governments if people started actually making themselves healthy.

The rest of this article goes into further detail on the above for those interested.

How your body works

Dr. Robert Morse has excellent information on this in the below documentary but I break it down a bit quickly below for those who lack time.

Your body is composed of cells.

Each cell in your body needs certain things, no matter what function it performs:

  • Sustenance (oxygen, water, and materials to perform it's duties)
  • A way to get rid of waste products (byproducts of staying alive and performing needed duties)
  • To avoid being damaged by external inputs

This should be obvious to anyone that stops and thinks about it.

As long as your cells eat, eliminate waste, and do not get damaged then they will be healthy unless they die of old age... in which case they need to be replaced and eliminated for your body to continue functioning properly.

When your cells are unable to receive sustenance they die.

When your cells are unable to eliminate their waste products build up and destroy them.

When your cells are damaged they either die and need to be replaced OR they mutate and either die or continue reproducing until your body can eliminate them.

How your cells receive sustenance

Your cells receive the food, water, and other substances that they need via your circulatory and respiratory systems.

Your respiratory system carries oxygen to your blood to be delivered to your cells.

Your circulatory system carries food, oxygen, and water to your cells.

If either of these two systems stop working your blood stops delivering needed sustenance to all of your cells and you die very quickly.

How your cells eliminate waste

Your cells eliminate waste not via your blood but via your lymphatic system.

Normally cellular waste is carried to lymph nodes in your body. Your lymph nodes reduce the acidity of cellular waste which is then processed via your kidneys and eliminated via your urine.

If cellular waste cannot be expelled via your kidneys and urine for some reason (your kidneys are overburdened, the adrenal glands that control them aren't working properly, etc.) then cellular waste:

  • is pushed out of your skin if possible (resulting in pimples, rashes, and other skin problems)
  • is stored to be expelled at a later date if it cannot be pushed out
  • starts causing dis-ease internally if it cannot be eliminated, expelled, or trapped

Think about a baby that eliminates waste

  • If the baby does not wear clothing then the waste falls to the ground and is eliminated.
  • If the baby wears a clean diaper urine is absorbed and pulled into the diaper so as not to cause a rash before the diaper is changed
  • If the baby is left to sit in urine or feces then it will develop a rash that continues to get worse until the diaper is changed or removed.

Your cells work in exactly the same fashion related to waste.

If your cells sit in cellular waste too long then the acidity builds up and they case you dis-ease in one form or another.

When cells are damaged

Normally damaged cells are detected and eliminated by your body.

A damaged cell could either stop working altogether or mutate and continue to try to reproduce.

The main point here is that damaged cells are cellular waste whether they are properly dealt with or not.

As long as your cells get the food they need and have their waste dealt with properly then your body will remain healthy.


When you eat or drink your body needs to break whatever it is that you ingest down into components that cells can use to create what they need to work properly.

Not all "foods" are created equal as different substances need more or less energy to be made useful... if they can be used at all.

Your body expends energy when digesting foods. This is energy that cannot be used for other purposes by your cells.

Eat like your closest mammal relatives

Wild animals eat the foods they are best suited to eat.

Carnivores (animals that eat primarily meat) have tools for ripping and shredding their prey and digestive systems optimized for doing so.

Herbivores (animals that eat primarily grains and grasses) have teeth for grinding and digestive systems optimized for processing them.

Omnivores (animals that eat meat and grasses) are designed to eat and process both meats and grains.

Frugivores (animals that eat primarily fruits) are designed to pick and eat fruits, berries, and such.

Milkivores (animals that drink other animals milk) don't seem to exist as adult creatures in nature. I could be wrong.

In the animal kingdom, humans are closest to the bonobo monkey which eats primarily fruit along with some vegetables, honey, eggs, and occasionally meat.

  • fruits, berries, and melons give us lots of energy with little digestion
  • leafy vegetables give us less energy and take more energy to digest
  • root vegetables tend to give us less energy and require more digestion
  • animal products tend to give us even less energy and require even more digestion

Look around in nature and it should be pretty clear that we, as humans, should be eating primarily fruits with some vegetables and maybe occasionally animal products.

Studies have been done that show eating primarily animal products causes all kinds of problems in humans (the book The China Study is one of the better books I've read on this subject). Whether you believe this to be true or not you should seriously consider eating only fruits, berries, and melons (or nothing at all!) when sick to reduce resources spent by your body on digesting food.

It is also worth eating different kinds of foods at different times, far enough apart for your body to digest one kind of food (say acidic) before having to digest a different kind (such as a basic food). If you mix up all kinds of food (acidic and basic foods) then your stomach has to let some of them sit in your stomach for a long time while it processes other kinds.

A diet of mostly fruits, some vegetables, and occasional (or no) animal products is ideal for people.

Animal protein is NOT necessary. Your body breaks down EVERYTHING into components that your cells can use. You just spend a lot more time digesting animal protein than it takes to digest fruits and/or vegetables.

How to let your body heal optimally

When you are sick or said to have some kind of disease (dis-ease) the main things you need to do are to:

  • Eat high quality foods (or fast and make your body burn up previously stored materials) such as fruit
  • Stay hydrated by drinking water when hungry (water fasts or juice fasts are excellent)
  • Avoid undue stress and exertion
  • Avoid things that cause cellular damage

If you can do things your body can not only heal itself it can regenerate itself. Your cells die and are replaced all the time.

Healing Crisis

Note that if you have tons of stored toxins from a lifetime of poor eating habits (like most americans) and you decide to fast or start eating much better you will very likely start feeling sick for a period of time (usually just a few days). These symptoms are due to your body expelling waste (mucus, coughing, fevers, etc.).

If you want to reduce the sickness, switch to a slightly less ideal diet temporarily. The following options show the fastest ways to heal provided you aren't being subjected to constant cellular damage. Lower items typically reduce your healing speed and so your symptoms. This is useful if you have to remain functional and haven't detoxed in a long time (or ever).

  • Hard fast (no water or food)
  • Add water (water fast)
  • Add fruit juice (fruit juice fast)
  • Add fruit (fruit fast)
  • Add non root vegetable juice (veggie juice fast)
  • Add non root vegetables (veggie fast)

You can obviously mix these up... but should try to stick to have as few vegetables as possible. The more foods from lower in the list and the slower your healing will be (and the weaker your symptoms).

Read up on fasting and experiment with whatever you are comfortable with.

Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food ~ Hyppocrates

Of course, Hippocrates didn't live in todays world. If he had he might well have extended this to say:

Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food. Also, avoid toxins, radiation, and propaganda.

Today, we live in a world where even if you eat an ideal diet (whatever that looks like) you might continue to get sicker and sicker because of your environment.

In my research I've found that there are a great many things that can be causing you damage whether you know it or not. Some of these are easily proved, some are logical, and some may well be considered "conspiracy theory" by some but I list those that I believe have at least some merit to them.

I could well be missing things from this list as I'm only one guy and can only do so much research in a given day (or year...).

Cumulative damage

When looking over this list be sure to keep in mind that everything adds up and that even IF (and this is a big if) our governments are telling the truth and we are not subjected to damaging levels of any of these things that they all add up and all cause some damage.

By reducing as your exposure to as many as possible you free up energy for your body to use to repair itself rather than replace cells currently being damaged.

Keep in mind that in babies and small children are usually much more damaged than adults by almost everything.

Do your own research but here is some of what I've found...

"Smart Meters"

These are the energy meters that utility companies have been putting into place everywhere.


  • Emission of powerful high frequency radiation pulses that cause cellular damage
  • Creation of EMI fields in your electric circuits that can cause cellular damage


Call your utility company and get them replaced with analog meters. They hate doing this so you might have to just buy your own and replace theirs with it.
If you cannot replace it, create a faraday cage around it
If you cannot create a faraday cage around it then create a shield between it and areas you (or your children) frequent


Some vaccines might be effective and worth the risk. Doctors receive almost no education on them besides being told that they are good and then being taught how to convince parents who refuse or are reluctant to take them.

As a parent you should really consider learning about vaccines before just letting a doctor give all of them on the proscribed schedule as there are serious side effects and toxins are cumulative.

The Problems

  • Contain heavy metals, foreign animal DNA, and other toxins
  • Never properly tested for safety

The Solution

  • Learn about vaccines and their risks and decide which, if any, you want for yourself or your child and whether or not to follow the recommended schedule or space them out.

The following interview has some solid information.

One of the doctors in the above interview has more information (Dr Tenpenny):

Vaccines include flu shots. Some more from Dr. Tenpenny on those:

WiFi and Cellular Signals

WiFi and Cellular devices constantly emit low frequency radiation.

The problems

  • Exposure is cumulative so the longer your exposure the worse the damage as your cells don't have time to recover
  • Multiplicity effect - if you have two cell phones, a wifi router, and two smart devices you are being exposed to 5 times the supposed "safe" levels... if constant exposure is safe to begin with
  • Radar can be used as a weapon to slowly fry people.

Some solutions

  • Use only needed devices. Turn off others (or put in faraday cages or shields when not in use).
  • Shield frequented areas
  • Use wired connections whenever possible (there are usb to wired and micro usb to wired connectors out there)
  • Avoid "smart" devices. Do you really need to walk around saying "Alexa..."?
  • Shield your roof so to mitigate exposure from satellites and/or air based microwave warfare. Sounds nutty right? See Air Toxins below and it might start to sound less nutty.


Most people believe that drinking anything is hydrating. This is simply not true.


  • Water is one of the only drinks your body can use without digesting first.
  • Non water drinks need to be digested. When trying to heal space out the drinking of healthy non water drinks to reduce energy diverted to digestion.


  • Drink a lot of water.
  • If drinking non water drinks avoid drinks with toxins, artificial coloring, etc. and stick to pure fruit juices, vegetable juices, etc.

As your cells need water to function drinking a lot of water helps to speed up the healing process. See the book "Your bodies many cries for water". Most of us are dehydrated and have no clue.

Toxic Foods

We have a lot of problems with our food supply, especially in north america. The best foods you are going to find are those you have grown yourself without chemicals and/or those grown on local farms and/or orchards that you can visit to talk with the farmers about how they grow their food.


  • GMO Foods: These are genetically modified foods, meaning that their genes have been modified and/or spliced with genes of all kinds of plants and animals (even humans). Non-industry studies (the few there have been) have shown some serious problems with eating such foods.
  • Pesticide Drenched Foods: Most foods grown today are grown with tons of pesticides which are toxic not only to pests but also to humans.
  • Heavy metals and nano particles: Government weather manipulation (chemtrails) particles fall out of the atmosphere and end up in our foods. Look into Geoengineering and decide for yourself.


  • Grown your own food. You can grow fruit trees, berry bushes, and vegetables without a lot of effort or money. Join a local group to meet interesting people and get advice on growing from those more experienced. Do some research on permaculture.
  • Get food from local farms/farmers that you trust and talk with them about how they grow their food. A local farmers market can be a good way to meet local farmers.
  • If buying from a grocery store ignore manufactured foods and look for the labels NON-GMO and Organic. Organic indicates that the food meets government standards for organic (it used to mean free of pesticides and non-gmo... but that's not quite as true as it was before it became regulated).

If you eat meat, look for grass fed free ranged animal products. Do some research on factory farming.

One of the few studies done on GMO foods which was not funded by those pushing them shows massive tumors as a result of eating them:

Don't think nano particles are in your food?

Toxic Waters

Our water supplies are being polluted. Unless you live on high ground with a good well chances are that your water is also being "medicated".


  • Industrial wastes get put into our water
  • Most governments add flouride and other junk to municipal water supplies under the pretense that it is good for you
  • Heavy metals from geoengineering enter our water supply
  • Water is not only ingested but absorbed via your skin


  • Filter the water intake on your home
  • Collect and/or distill your own water

Check Your Water
Visit the [EWG Tap Water Database] to check your municipal water supply.

I live out in the sticks and drink from a clean well... but here are the results of the nearest small town:

  • Bromodichloromethane (safe: 0.06ppb): 9.69ppb, over 150 times the safe level
  • Chloroform (safe: 0.4ppb): 37.3ppb, almost 100 times the safe level
  • Dibromochloromethane (safe: 0.1ppb): 1.5ppb, 15 times the safe level
  • Dichloroacetic acid (safe: 0.7ppb): 8.5ppb, over 10 times the safe level
  • Trihalomethanes (safe: 0.8ppb): 48.6ppb, about 60 times the safe level
  • Trichloroacetic acid (safe: 0.5ppb): 31.6ppb, over 50 times the safe level

Don't forget to drink some tap water if you pass through Hoquiam Washington...

And remember, these are safe levels according to the government. I'd expect actual safe levels to be even lower.

Toxic Air

Yes, even the air we breath is full of junk, forcing our body to work harder than it should.


  • Pollution: This includes all kinds of pollutants. In large cities and metropolitan areas there is often so much air pollution that you can see it (smog)
  • Geoengineering: If the pollution from cars, jets, industry, etc. wasn't bad enough we also have heavy metals distributed up in the sky for weather modification experiments (and possibly other more nefarious purposes).


  • Move to somewhere with less air pollution
  • Switch your gasoline powered equipment over to ethanol or methanol
  • Avoid using toxic materials in your home that off gas (most paints, etc.)

If more people become aware of chemtrails and their toxicity we might eventually get rid of this garbage. 5 minutes in has a congressional hearing concerning them. These things are not science fiction or conspiracy "theory".

Skin absorbed toxins and chemicals

Your skin absorbs chemicals and toxins. Your air, water, and anything your skin touches can carry toxins which your body might absorb.

There are almost too many problems to list but here are some common ones:

  • Household cleaners and detergents
  • Off gassing building materials
  • Beauty products (most makeup, hair sprays, etc.)
  • Hygiene products (tooth paste, deodorants, etc.)

If you really think you need beauty or hygiene products try finding ones that don't have a bunch of toxins in them.


Large corporations and governments control most media that we are exposed to.

The problems:

  • Stress - by constantly talking about bad things going on (or supposedly going on), we are put under stress
  • Confusion - by embedding half truths and lies into their programming they cause us to be uncertain about what is or is not true... and even to believe bold faced lies (vaccines are good for you, you need animal protein to grow strong, the government is good and here to help, etc.)
  • Wasted Time - Time spent focused on corporate controlled media is time that could be better spent doing almost anything else

Some solutions:

  • Throw away your television and do just about anything else
  • Realize that those who create the media have agendas and that anything touted as true (especially things picked up by multiple channels) is very likely to be a lie or half truth.

Go spend more time with people you like and less time being programmed by your television or local newspaper. This will reduce your stress levels and let you more easily see the truth when it appears.

About 6 corporations own 90% of all television media. What could go wrong?

Heal Thyself

If you give your body what it needs and shield it from things that cause it harm your body can heal itself.

Most medical professionals don't know the first thing about healing as the entire focus of their education is on categorizing and caring for dis-ease.

Their education is provided by colleges and universities that get a lot of funding from big industry and mega corporations (the food industry, the pharmaceutical industry, etc.)... so of course they are taught to focus on the symptoms of problems rather than to look for their roots and make their patients well.

Rather than ask "why do you have a tumor, a rash, etc." they ask "can we operate? proscribe drugs? vaccinate?".

One path leads to wellness. The other leads to big profits and sickness.

Parting thoughts

Many people point at specific things and say this is the problem.

Experts and officials are then paraded in front of us to tell us it just isn't so... typically with all kinds of corporate sponsored studies, statistics, and name calling.

In good part they get away with confusing everyone because there isn't any single problem.

Everything adds up

Even if you believe government and corporate claims of safety you might want to consider that safe levels are levels at which your body can deal with the toxin/damage it is receiving.

If EMF exposure is just under a level where your body would not be able to deal with more what happens if you then add safe levels of toxins from food, from water, from air, etc? Do you think that might be unsafe?

Take control of your own life

Stop bowing down to "professionals" and start standing up for yourself and asking questions. Don't take their word on your safety and that of your children.

Anything that is true can be explained to others. Lies and ignorance have to rely on your just trusting that those speaking them know what is best.

More coming soon

Rather than trying to remember everything I look into I'm going to start posting summaries up here both for my own reference and so that those with less time can quickly see what various things are about and then choose whether to spend their time watching/reading/researching or not... so if you found this to be useful consider following me here so that my future posts will show up in your feed!


These are my own thoughts (and links to some other peoples thoughts). You have a mind, use it and take responsibility for your actions and your life.

This is not medical advice, only doctors can give that. This is simply common sense, something that most doctors have had educated out of them to a shocking degree.

And for anyone interested in helping to spread the word, please consider supporting my go fund me campaign to open a health and wellness info shop where I live.