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| How to Look Hot on the Internet in 8 Steps |

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  1. Start with your normal face. Any face will do.

  2. Erase all color from your face with foundation, concealer and color correctors. Seal with a loose powder. (This step can also be called “Put more makeup on your face than you would ever be caught dead outside of the house in”)PicsArt_04-16-12.00.30.jpg

  3. Add color back to your face but only in the right places. This is called highlight and contour. face-shape-contour-highlight_GyiX_1024x1024.png

  4. Create a bold eye and eyebrow. You cannot internet without a bold eyebrow. Don’t even try it. Fake eyelashes are also a must. PicsArt_04-16-12.01.16.jpg

  5. Use a plumping gel on your lips and add color once they stop burning. PicsArt_04-16-12.02.22.jpg

  6. You are now ready for a selfie.

  7. Hold your camera above and to the side. Press your tongue against the roof of your mouth to thin your double chin. Relax your face. Give your best flirty look.

  8. Take 1,000 pictures and post the best one, heavily filtered, to the internet. PicsArt_04-16-12.23.19.png

Congrats, You Are Now Hot On The Internet

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This is too REAL! 😂😝


Right? Like the amount of makeup I put on for my Youtube videos is outrageous.