My thoughts on death.

in life •  4 months ago

Today id like offer my thoughts on the topic of death.


The most common and fashionable thought on death these days to most people is that it is horrible. But today I’d like to offer a different opinion and try to challenge the idea of death as being a negative thing.

Most people think death is bad because they are afraid of losing everything they own and that they will no longer have the chance to experience the things that they liked doing. They are also afraid of losing everyone they ever knew and ever loved but most importantly, they are afraid of losing themselves.

My view however is that it will be a very liberating experience to die. You won’t have to worry about anything, you will no longer have to pay taxes, you won’t have to worry about the problems you have, you won’t have to worry about anything. Death gives you the chance to let go of everything, its nature’s way of forcing you to let go of both your physical possessions and also more importantly the ego.

So, if you know in the end that everything is going to disappear and that you can’t take anything with you into death then why not let everything go first?

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Yep, every now and then, we just need to hit that reset button :)


Dtubedaily be sad when you reset bro

Sounds good unless we’re in a twilight zone episode in which at the end you just relive every memory you had made except Death personified taxes 25% of your memory.


That would be an issue.

well said sir . Death is solution to every problem of life.

I think it is something most people don't want to deal with.

If this was the last day of our life, we wouldn't be doing the things we do.

I believe if you can somehow trick your mind into thinking we only have a short time left, it will change your whole perspective on life.


Yeah, thats very true.

This view only seems to help, when you think that you are a physical body. When you are spirit though, death won't change a thing. I would say, if you think that death means peace, why don't you look for peace right now?

Liberation from all of the tedium and responsibilities of life and the gateway into the next experience. Non-existence isn't really anything that is possible to experience, so I rule thought possibility out, but letting go of the idea that I know what comes next or my expectations or assumptions about it has left me feeling much more free to just enjoy this life for whatever it is.

As someone with anxiety and depression with suicidal thoughts nearly daily, l can say that the pros sound hella good if you ask me hahaha

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Like the great manuscript in the bardot the Tibetan book of the dead speaks of great liberation and to not cling with the body and move forward in the transition. You're welcome 🤗😍🦉