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The first step towards success in life is having goals, visions, aims... Whatever you want to call it, you should basically have an idea of how you want your life to play out rather than just living for today, without a plan for the future. How sweet tomorrow will be, you will decide today. What you are today is a reflection of the decisions you made yesterday or yesteryear. Likewise, your vision for tomorrow will help you fashion out how to achieve your desired future.

Every year starts for serious and success-driven individuals strategically pointing out, and documenting their goals, and projections for the new year. Some come as resolutions to be better people, drop some attitudes or ways of life, and so on. These vary from one individual to another. However, there often comes some inhibitors to the achievement of these goals and resolutions. For the year 2020, the covid-19 pandemic must be one major inhibitor for many people's goals for the year.


As a result of the outbreak of this viral disease, economies are crumbling, people are losing their jobs, more and more people are being plunged into poverty, especially as major cities in most places around the world have been lock down to limit the spread of the very contagious disease. Amidst all of this, it is not certain when normalcy will return to these cities and the major economies. It is not out of place then to imagine how much this would affect personal goals and aspirations for the year 2020.

People who look forward to starting businesses for instance might have a tougher time trying to get funds to start up. People who have planned to save for particular projects may find it inconvenient to save during this pandemic, as common commodities have become scarce and thus, more expensive, and people only make a fraction of their usual incomes, or some might not be making money at all.


Covid-19 is affecting dreams, goals and aspirations, but how is it personally affecting you and how do you think you can mitigate the effects. Alternatively, what opportunities do you think this pandemic presents and how can you make good use of it?


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