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I learnt some lessons today and they were really hurtful lessons

You know sometimes you are lonely or unhappy and someone shows up and makes you happy and is there for you and seems like the solution to all your problems. So when it comes to a question of dating, your mind is all yes and you shove every doubts away.

Sometimes, that's a bad bad decision.

First, love is not unimportant in a relationship. It might not be the only thing but its not less important than others. I think you should love a person enough to date the person. I don't know the standard of enough for everyone but I know there should be a standard of "enough".

Second, don't jump into a relationship, please give it time. Even when you seem awfully sure, there are some lessons or things time will reveal to you.

Third, please if you feel its not right for whatever reason, kindly jump out. There is a limit to what you can correct in marriage without hurting other lives, a really serious limit so jump out fast.

Well, nothing else comes to mind...

So for now...till next time


Hi, I voted for you and followed good post. Friend continues to make an effort in your post

Few things take note of in relationships:

  1. Every relationship has an age - sometimes 5 years and sometimes 50 years. There is no comparison here.
  2. You may have multiple relationship over your life or one dedicate relationship. All is fine.
  3. You are not your past. You learn from the mistakes and you become better. That is the natural flow. So don't be tough on yourself - maybe it was your mistake. Learn and move on.

That's it....see ya