Diary of a depressed girl: FIGHTING DEPRESSION

in #life3 years ago


These days I have been really fighting and I mean that in every sense of the word. Somehow on Saturday morning I woke up very angry, angry with life and myself, angry that depression pushed me around badly. So that morning, i made up my mind to fight.
Four major things have helped me.
First is God, I wouldnt have the strength to move if not for God in my life. He has been my backbone through it all and when i get weary he picks me up.
Second is determination and a positive outlook. I am so determined that I have to stop crying all the days of my life. I push aside negativity and just move forward with what I need to do. Its not been easy but i am trying.
Third is serious work to do, I buried myself in work totally. I wake and sleep with work on my mind. I had to engulf my mind in it and its working.
Fourth and finally is awesome friends. Some people are just God sent, they encourage and push me and one person is my friend in that picture, she has been a breath of fresh air.

Well, I wont stop fighting till I am fine.

Till next time....


Please don't stop fighting. Depression isn't good for the soul. You are a fighter, I can see already. God will see you through. Don't overburden your mind with thoughts of the things you can't change too. God is your strength.

Thank you so much...I am really grateful...