What is the virtual world?

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The virtual world
Virtual  world is a group of users who embody virtual characters in a binary or  three-dimensional environment. They rely on computer simulation as a way  to communicate with other virtual people in this world. This is called  default because all of its people are virtual, , And the virtual world is commonly used in online role-playing games. The  virtual world gives users the opportunity to live in a  three-dimensional environment like reality. More precisely, in this  world, the imagination is deeply intertwined with reality. Smart  technology harnesses the collaboration of the real world and becomes one  of the most important applications. The  virtual world can also be defined as the world that the programmer uses  to rely mainly on the computer, interacting with the human being like a  real world surrounds it. It is worth mentioning that the third  dimension 3D or so-called embodiment plays an active role in virtual  world technology, Provide outputs in the form of models similar to reality so as to  contribute to inform the user as if obsessed with the reality  surrounding it. 

 Virtual world technologies
The  virtual world relies on four basic technologies for the virtual world:  Display, the display that captures events and displays them to the  observer. Graphical  system, a system that generates a number of images ranging from 20-30  images per second while still changing, tracking monitors these images,  and then generates them. The  tracking system is constantly used in conjunction with the direction of  the user's head and location by observing the camera. A database system, a set of assumptions on which the virtual world  depends, through a set of programs and the follow-up of their details.
User in the virtual world
The  virtual world requires the user to take a special position to engage in  the world, as follows: the presence of devices installed on the top of  the user, a set of devices that show images and show them in HMD or  so-called Display, Small. Hand-held devices, the user holds the projectors in his hand, and has a  flat crystal screen connected to a special camera to view pictures and  videos 

 Virtual world models
The user can access the virtual world by obtaining specific forms, including: creating special templates by design software. Purchasing finished models through catalogs. Direct models from real people through 3D or D Scanner. 

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