Dtube Vlog #002 : Dtube Progress Report, 200 Followers/320 Steem Power. Thanks Dtube !

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Today I gained 200 followers and 320 Steem Power your support has been life changing.


I've been on Dtube/Steemit and blockchain for around 3 months, I've only invested content into the platform. I've sen amazing growth in very short time. I've got Dtube to thank for the majority of that momentum. Dtube has allowed me to chase my dreams full time, it's liberating.

I plan to Power Up for awhile, I want to invest into this platform. Saving up Steem, Steem Power and SBD. My long term goal in to diversify my wallet while building my dreams. I believe in Dtube, Steemit, Steem and the blockchain. I'm not a creator who is just cashing out, I want to reward fellow creators and artist. Steemit is the best reward system for creation humanity has experienced.

I need to thank anyone who has supported me in the past, present or future. It means the world to my art, music, content and label.

Till next time, stay creative..

  • Todd

Nothing But Dirt ( A Steemit Based Music Label ) : https://www.nbdrecords.com/

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Great one Todd! Can't wait to see more of your videos! It's really amazing what you pulled off so far with Steemit. I wish you the best and keep it up bro!

Thank you for the support , glad your enjoying Steemit, keep staying creative bro.

Congratulations man!

I'm very happy to see that the future has so much to offer us and that it is here.

Good luck to you and have a nice day! :)

Steemit is going to change countless lives, we're lucky to be on this pretty early. Hopeyou're having a amazing day my friend.

Yeah! Right! That too! It's like youtube in 2007

Thanks! And yes I am having an amazing day! :)

Congratulations on your milestone buddy. Keep it up :D

Yea buddy ! I ain’t stopping now that’s for sure. Thank you for the support

Wow Bruddah! You’re on fire!! Keep blazing those trails good buddy!

Thank you bro, trying my hardest. 👍

Gratz bro! You’re doing amazing!

Thank you ! Trying to learn and evolve here. ✌️

If you ever have need for a support when it comes to witness voting, am here. Your philosophy is really commendable. Thanks and following you now

Glad you enjoyed the video and mindset. Thanks a ton for the support, this is just the start of a HUGE Steemit adventure

Nice words! Thank you!