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Chiller's Journey ~ Removing drugs from my life

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Coffee is also a natural medicine. That it's natural does not mean it's harmless. I don't think @steemchiller is looking for a new medicine to substitute the old one that he's trying to quit.

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It depends what kind of Coffee! Don't spread misinformation 😁

If we are speaking about processed Coffee from mainstream industry, it is not healthy at all.

Actually, it significantly increases chances of getting a heartattack.

Organic, non-treated Coffee is the only way to go and sadly majority of population can't understand that.

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... and vodka made from organic rye, triply-distilled in hand-made machinery by highly skilled hobbyists is probably more healthy than main-stream industrial vodka?


Depends how you consume it.

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Coffee is actually healthy drink, but one thing need to be remembered, only the pure roasted bean serve as espresso will be able to reduce bad cholesterol. I love the coffee very much and I am selling the pure coffee bean (Arabica Specialty, Arabica Pie Berry, Arabica Long Berry, Robusta Special) from those 3 kinds of coffee will process differently there are some famous here are; Honey Coffee, wine coffee and Wine Strawberry, all those coffee bean I got from Gayo High Land Aceh Indonesia, I am living in Aceh where coffee is something everybody drinks every day, 3-4 cups a day is really normal for us. If you have ever heard "Luwak Coffee bean" that is the most expensive coffee we have. In the local market it will cost about $75 USD where the finest Arabica Specialty in the local market is only $10 USD. The Arabica Specialty in my place (Aceh Indonesia) is grown at 1300 - 1500 M Above Sea Level.