Architecture and Human Consciousness 1/2

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Buildings and as such architecture reflect our consciousness throughout time

In our modern world we are often confronted with these kinds of buildings


Streamlined, industrial, repetitive, monotonous, functional; lacking expression and creativity. Stamped into the ground and raised with cranes of steel they do not really stand out or invoke anything in particular. Facades of cement; a lackluster dedication to economic viability.


Rows of uniformity; simple and bland.


The curvature of this building is perhaps the only element which sets it aside from other similar modern buildings which are usually only built with right angles.



Modern plaster is not particularly resilient. It gets chipped away in only years and leaves an ugly stain on an ugly building...
In our time money rules the world. We have begun to rationalize and streamline our world and since the onset of industrialization we are producing products which are identical, repetitive in nature. This mode of production gets translated into our consciousness which in turn brings about an architecture which designs buildings that reflect this way of thinking.

However, buildings such as this one are not only the outcome of our consciousness, but also reproduce this thinking. Merely being exposed by its aura and even more so by living inside it, thoughts begin to reflect this material design. Have you been aware of this?

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Well, somehow your photos do not capture the monotony! Some of them are downright beautiful, such as the second from last, in which the windows reflect the curves and cornices of a more historical building across the street. In this one, we can feel the bland building towering over its peach colored street-mate, and see the blue blue sky that accentuates the fascinating colors. So you see, magic is in the making in even the simplest of things. Perhaps that is the best place for magic to be made, there is so little else. I'm thinking out loud here. Thanks for listening.

thanks for your input!

It's a two part series and the next one will be about that historical building, contrasting this one ;)

But interesting how you look at it, I guess it all comes down to perception!

Yes I think perception plays a large part which in turn is often influenced by other factors like education and training approach right from elementary level to higher levels of learning. Very interesting blog @tobetada !

thanks for checking it out! :)

Architecture and buildings can make me feel rather restless and aggressive!

The designers should be responsible!!

exactly ... but I think there is just not money for these kinds of things :(

Very true! There should be a new school of thoughts on this aspect!