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🏍🔥: 12.10.2016

For @sanfranthriftco!

Hey ladies. Guess what? You can be powerful, sexy, feminine, classy, a leader, a trailblazer and above all, responsible with your power. You can own your empire and your divine feminine. Nothing stands between you and your dreams of success except the people who lie to you.


You, in no way/shape/form have to earn the right to eat what you want, wear what you want, say what you want, to laugh when no one is listening and be the fullest version of yourself that you can be. When we embrace love, the world embraces us.

I deleted this picture because I thought, "I'm an entrepreneur running a business outside of fashion or any 'typical female industry'. Are people going to look at this and chastise me? Will I be judged for being myself? Will I be less successful for defying the norm instead of conforming?" You know, some people might think differently of me, but fundamentally, it doesn't matter. Not even one iota. It doesn't matter. ilovemyself. iownmyself

Women have been forced to confine to a standard of beauty since the near dawn of time. We have been valued for our bodies and their reproductive abilities, or, valued for our purchasing power in economies created by war time. As the men of nations would fight for "freedom" (I am speaking specifically of WWI in this instance. And by the way, violence is never the answer to freedom, only a lead toward further violence), we women would assume their jobs, only to be rendered useless when soldiers would return from battle to reassume their factory roles. The Freudian paradigm of "loving ones objects" persisted in the media of the nuclear generation.

--A media, by the way, that was structured and ruled by an unregulated FCC to increase citizen spending after war--

There was no standard or barrier on what our unconscious minds would be near forced to gobble up, as just a few powers controlled our one source of distraction after the trauma of a murderous fight for resources. We women though, we women were allowed to have use. In one swift moment, we assumed the most important role in society, "primary consumer". We would spend the money earned from the jobs we were unable to have to fuel the "health" (health, by the way, is only truly health if based on wellbeing instead of fear and insecurity) of the nation by buying into developing our homes... the area where the American government happened to spend their winnings from WWI. This, among many other reasons, is why women feel the need to be confined to the idea of "should be" instead of "am". Why so much of female dominance is based on confidence in the pain of insecurity. If you'd like a few examples of this pain of insecurity, look at high heeled shoes, unnatural ribs (some girls are naturally super skinny and girl, I'm not, but you are beautiful for how you were made. Don't let insecurity or insecure people hold you down). Look at corsets, Chinese binding shoes, plastic surgery... the works.


Hold your head high and keep ruling. Fearlessly, keep ruling.


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