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sneak peek into something being built at CULTU.RE:


Universal Love Agreements provide new methods registration and verification of unions, without the need for the state to regulate love and property relations between two individuals. There are 24 countries across the planets that allow LGBTQ marriage. There are 15 or more countries where it is legal to kill a citizen for identifying as LGBTQ. With blockchain-based agreements, individuals can maintain an anonymous, pseudo-anonymous, or public registration of their agreement.

Individuals who register a Universal Love Agreement have the ability to opt-in to service dApps built on top of the Culture infrastructure to provide benefits for their agreement. Universal Love Agreements will provide a simpler user experience for people to register their shared assets. The love agreements on CULTURE allow for unique and modern terms in arrangements, including renewal periods. Individuals are free to register with their states and with the CULTURE as a whole, or the CULTURE node of their choice.

contact - [email protected]

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muy buen post. visita el mio y dame tu opinión

yeah, but love isn't just an agreement. In fact, it's not an agreement at all. It's a feeling as long it's there, there's love.

Although, I don't understand much about Blockchain but how does that helps the LGBTQ and love is somehow missing in your post. May be a little more explanation would help!?


Check out this video: