Hang Gliding By Night Anyone?

in #life4 years ago (edited)

Saturday night!!! For many, many years of my younger days at this time I would get ready to either start working or have another frenzy night out that would find me and my buddies partying wildly until the early morning hours. That's not the case anymore though.

My current "gang" is a bunch of crazy motha^$&s!!!!! Some of them are even crazier than me, so go figure! A few minutes ago, we had another "suicidal" mission but I will have to admit that this time I chickened out. For that matter, 3 out of 6 chickened out but for different reasons each one of us. To me it was just too dark, while to the other two the point of jumping wasn't high enough and thus too risky. One way or another, I wasn't the only p***y of the gang, so I feel a bit better. Maybe next time I am a little braver?! I hope so.

Make no mistake, hang gliding under the sunlight is something I've done a few times and I enjoy a lot, however, believe me when I say that during the night things are so, so, so, so much different. At least I got the chance to get a nice shot of Loutraki by midnight (almost). 46711434_2808624689361957_6347571594558177280_o.jpg

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