Be Thankful For What You Got

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Today's a beautiful day that should be celebrated in every corner of the planet in my not so humble opinion. I mean, the world is culturally enslaved to America for how many years now? 50-60 years? Maybe more? Shite, even this trashy hip-hop music and lifestyle has become a global trend but something as meaningful and beautiful as Thanksgiving holiday isn't.

You see, according to some "Anti-Americans" this is just an American thing and has nothing to do with our culture, but Black Friday and every other day of the week you watch American films, porn and TV shows or eat burgers, pizza and donuts isn't American, huh? Ninja please!

Last year I celebrated this truly beautiful day in New York and I wish I was there right now to be honest, but there are other priorities in my life right now. So it is what it is and I am thankful for what I got. This is the essence of this day anyway.

Be thankful for what you got and stop asking for more! Work hard for more and be grateful for what you got! That's the spirit! Rejoice!!!!!!!!!!!

And this goes to my friend Nova. I LOVE you and I THANK you for everything you have ever done for me ;))))))


It’s good to be thankful. Let’s count our blessings and not our problems!

We should definitely count our blessings instead of our misfortunes @kus-knee. I will drink to that soon in a small party organised by Greek-American friends living outside of Corinth. I wish you and your family in Switzerland a very Happy Thanksgiving :)

Thanksgiving is a really great holiday. A time to think about all that makes you thankful in your life. A time to spend with friends and family, eat some great food and maybe go buy some deeply discounted merchandise after. Happy Thanksgiving.

Very well said my friend. Happy Thanksgiving to you too :))))))

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