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Gogo, Zach and I.

Gogo means granny in Xhosa, so that's Zachs name for my mom. It's amazing to see him not only grasping English at an alarming rate but now can rap off some Xhosa too.

Today I had to face a crazy demon in someone else's family. This is never really easy as I can lead a horse to water, but can't make it drink so to speak.
Now the hard part comes in, stepping back and hoping they take on some of my advise and we all learn from the experience.

What I feel I have taken away from today is to try and always keep a realistic view of my own child and not let my mom goggles blind me too much 🤓 I mean come on "My " child is a genius though
and secondly that our relationship as a team trumps everything! It's my duty to fight the beast of life with him not against him.

Xx Tj

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Tj you are amazing! And you and Zach are incredible - he will never have a crazy mom like those we have experienced.. he will have a cool mom who will help him be the best human he can be! This is already evident in the fact that he's better at cleaning than I am!


Thank you. Means a lot xx