What pet is the GOAT? How are my Investments doing? Also ... Life ...

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The Greatest Of All Time pet is the goat, of course!


I've been a pretty busy guy. Working 8-10 hours a day 6 days a week at a warehouse job, then coming home to work at the ranch. Sleep, what's sleep?

Just today I checked on my $10 ADA investment from October 2017 ... it's currently worth nearly $1000 ... not a bad shake if you ask me! I plan to stake at least 400 of it and HODL for at least a year or two, I think this one will be big!

Who gives a FUCK?
Not me! I have 10,000 FUCK tokens and 0 ETH so I can't transfer a single one ... still it's currently sitting at a value of $5 for a free air drop because I'll take anything that's free!

Proof of work ... Steemit is doing decently, we're sitting a bit lower than the $14 record for SBD, but still a good investment for people willing to keep this platform alive, do some voting and post something worth reading.

And ...life...

I tried going off my meds for a little while. This was a terrible idea! I got very depressed and didn't really want to do anything. I found a new combination that seems to be working, so maybe I'll get back into doing hidden places worth visiting and discovering. With my new camera, I need an excuse to take pictures.

Well, that's where I'm at for now. I need to redo my signature bit from old posts, but I'll get there.

If I'm worth a penny or so, please upvote!

Thanks for reading!


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