One Small Thing ...

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In stories about time travel we are often admonished that changing even one small thing in our past will have an immeasurable impact on the present, effectively creating a whole new timeline. While we often see the changes as negative, they don't have to be.

Today is tomorrow's past

Tomorrow isn't here yet. What we do today, however small, affects what happens tomorrow. Because we are the ones that create tomorrow, we have to look at what our choices mean for today.

Today you have choices. You can choose to drive yourself to work, or carpool. You can choose to make a lunch at home, or buy fast food with extra packaging. You can choose to throw your trash away or recycle it.

Throughout every day we make seemingly small choices that have an immeasurable impact on the future.

A simple challenge to create a better world for everyone

Every day, make at least one choice that will change the future in a positive way. One small thing.

Keep track of the small things that you do and encourage the people you know to also make a choice that creates a better future.

If we all do one small thing, every day, the world will become a better place faster than you can imagine.

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