Life is not all about oneself!!! Please also think about others

in life •  last year

All of us grow up with the aim to get educated and then jump into some top level jobs.
but, reality and real life is bit harder and different.
we have always been taught by the society that if you don't study you won't get good job,
you won't succeed in life.
but when we are in our professional lives, we have a completely different scenario.
some of us succeed very quickly, however some of us, start struggling and takes more harder to get to success.
my point is, we should also think about helping others. when we start reaching our goals in real life, we should also think about lifting others up.
lift up others to make a better society. :)
stay blessed

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yes @tim0900 , this life is not just about "me" but "us". we ought to be considerate and show concern to others

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