Treal News (Jan 10, 2018)

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One of the highlights in today’s edition of ‘Treal News’ is a front row ticket to see Harvey Weinstein get slapped in the face!

On any given day most people simply do not have the time to sort through the fake news, boring news, and cutsie puff-piece bullshit that the mainstream media has to offer. So I’ve made it my mission today to do just that for you. What I’m offering is a simple playlist whereby you can stay abreast of the current events without having to do the complicated gymnastics that it takes to get right to the good stuff.

Simply put the remote down, click the video above and save yourself some of that precious time that nobody likes to waste. If you value news this is the place to find it!

This is an experimental trial-run to see how well this service will be received. If the post garners enough steem for me to curate a new list daily, then I shall do just that. So if you've watched the news and you think you'd enjoy a new list tomorrow, then please go ahead resteem, up-vote, and follow.

P.S. Additional videos may be added throughout the day.

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