Life can be exhausting somedays

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Life is overal fun, amazing and full of great times but at times that can be a tad exhausting and it doesn't matter how much of an optimist you are because life can be simply tiring. Whether it be from a long working day/week, self inflicted night of partying, being a parent or taking a long journey to the other side of the planet you have days/moments that all you want to do is lie down anywhere and take a nap.

This is why I love this photo! This elephant seal flopped his way to a small puddle of ocean and then simply collapsed upside down with his eyes in the water. You can you see the small ripple of water moving away from his head, which is when he took a deep breath and snorted a bit causing the ripple effect.

Can any of you relate to this exhausted Elephant Seal napping in a puddle of water?

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Oh yes, I totally can relate. Life's exhausting sometimes but what keeps me going is that I'm fighting for my dreams, and that is what makes all the tiredness worth it.


that is the perfect motivation to keep going. I hope you reach your dreams!


Life has it up and down times. The thing is that we should always learn to appreciate the up times and make good use of them so that the down times will be less harmful to us. How we handle both times of life is what we determine how wonderful and fulfilling our lives will be

And I thought only penguins could be so adorable!! What a cuddly lump he looks in this photo - big smile for your capture!

Yes .. for me, life is indeed tiring, not just because of work but the problems faced in this life that makes us tired. Maybe if I was too tired, I would do the same thing as in your photo. Ya .. maybe by lying down and sleeping in a comfortable place.


I couldn't agree with you more. sometimes it feels we can be so tired that a rocky beach is more than comfortable enough for a small nap or a long one

Yes we all get exhausted from our days and it looks like his day is done for a while. He picked a great place to have a nap.


I guess when you are that tired any place looks comfortable for a little nap. This guy didn't exactly move for almost 3 hours... quite the nap


I guess he was slap worn out. 3 hours is a looong nap. lol

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