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Budget traveling is nothing short of adventurous and no doubt a crazy amount of fun. From the places you get to see, the new people you meet and the random experiences that will just occur. One aspect of budget traveling is the budget accommodation options, which can be anything from a small private room with shared bathrooms and kitchen to shared dormitories and even hammocks on the beach that I personally do thoroughly enjoy.

However, if you do find yourself staying at one hostel for more than a few days then you are guaranteed to have people come and go from your shared accommodations. To put it blatantly, most people are awesome, as they are fellow travellers on holidays and enjoying themselves and then meet some people whom are not so awesome. Nothing is worse than having an individual whom can ruin a happy, fun experience for everyone else in a place whom just want to have fun and enjoy themselves.

One thing that can definitely happen, especially in a shard dormitory situation is that everyone is trying to sleep and one or more people decided to head out on the local town and party till the early morning. and why not? Most budget travellers are young International individuals, whom are in party mood when exploring tropical areas abroad and they can be less than understanding and cordial to others after a night of partying it up.

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This photo reminds me of the need for patience when others near by are engaged in less than pleasant conversation, which you can't wait to finish but its joining in to assist in the speedy resolution of such discussions will only exacerbate the situation. This of course is more than likely if there has been more than usual partying by both parties.

I can't be the only traveler whom has experienced such situations whilst exploring the world abroad?
Any stories, Steemians that you feel like sharing in the comments below??

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My advice is several fold:

  1. always bring ear plugs when traveling, so you can sleep through noise.
  2. consider finding housing through a friend of a friend, which often is free and will give you the most authentic experience.
  3. consider wild camping where there's no one to bother you. Of course, make sure to leave no trace.

great advice! Thanks for taking the time to leave it in the comments section. I personally don't take ear plugs but I do have comfortable head phones that I listen to soft music if its a tad too noisy. I agree with number two, as it can be a lot cheaper and more comfortable if you are staying in a place for a few weeks. Camping! absolutely!

"Honey, tell those biddies to stop chattering or they'll wake the chicks and we'll never get a nap!"
"Shut your beaks! Our chicks are sleeping! Go tell your gossip somewhere else - you're ruining our nap time!!"


not to give anything away but this is going to the next 'Caption This' Round... but shhh... don't tell anyone 😉😉😉


I thought it was perfect for that - I'll have to re-enter my comments! Lol !!

People coming in noisy are the worst. Although it's good when you have an early flight/bus and can get them back.


haha! those moments are the best. karma always comes around

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in my opinion.postingan you are very cool and good, in addition tu useful for me and for all colleagues steemit.dan hopefully your post will be better again amiin thanks for the postingannya.