The Idiomatic barrier / La barrera idiomática

in #life5 years ago

The cat it´s over the table

Die Katze ist auf dem Tisch

El gato está sobre la mesa

It is to this day that I wonder, being Argentinian because my parents sent me to a bilingual German school to study for 12 years? Didn't they know that universal language was English? or by then they had a lot of faith to Google and one of its potential inventions? Like the Google Translator.

google 1999.jpg

Google, 1999

Nope, I don´t think so.

If either no joy of a solid English how Sir Ferguson, I think I defend, but to be a technical English and I have to write specifically technical, my feeling is the following:

I hope everyone has an excellent Saturday and even better Sunday.

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But now we have DeepL pal. That is a really good translator that works with artificial intelligence. Have a terrific sunday.

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