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As I mentioned in my introductory post, I plan on producing content exclusively for Steemit, but this will only be true at first. I appreciate that there are people that have been utilizing other platforms to help spread their brand, as well as the “good word” that is Steemit. This approach has the clear benefits of wider Steemit exposure, with exposure for the user and with quality content, reaping in more follows and upvotes. But I will not be going down this path.


I am attempting to commit myself fully to Steemit initially and develop a solid base of content to provide a clear direction and voice for this brand. I foresaw that when looked at in small sample sizes, my posts may seem unrelated, due to a lack of a consistent blog character. But this anonymity fits into my personal philosophy of achieving the goals related to making progress not for the recognition but for the importance of that innovation occurring. Applied directly to this blog with this communities assistance, ThisIsMeWork will evolve into a narrative of how to seek out the life that you want to live. Hopefully the account will serve as an inspiration for the community to feel like they too can prioritize themselves and their contentedness with the lives they are leading.

The additional perk for developing my body of work initially on Steemit rather than immediately cross-posting will be to allow for me to add my reflection of the progress toward my own personal goals as I begin the reposting of my blog on additional platforms. Being able to provide my own feedback should improve my goal setting for hitting the sweet spot of goal setting of challenging but achievable. I do share information about blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, with special enthusiasm about Steemit, but not revealing my level of participation at this time. I have been FLOORED by the amount of the “baby boomer” and older generations that are out of touch with the value behind fiat and how crypto has value. I am hoping that for their sake that our cumulative information efforts will continue the adoption of cryptocurrencies. I believe the best approach will be to increase my own personal knowledge about the platform from the veterans on here to decrease the risk of spreading incorrect information, unintentionally.

@ThisIsMeWork for: Goal Writing
Let’s work toward a better understanding of a “sweet spot” for goal generation toward personal goals.

2018-01-06 (1).png
A quck look at the current industries in which General Electric has divisions

General Electric (GE) is an American multinational conglomerate company that has enjoyed success in many different areas of modern industry, from lightbulbs to television to aviation. Particularly in the 1980s, the company was one of the top in the nation and And they believed that they were so successful due to a scientifically-researched method of selecting goals that required development of concrete procedures to achieve a defined goal. Developed by Locke, 1968 SMART goals are

(have a) Timeline

And in general, GE’s investment in SMART was a valuable one.

A review completed in 2016 by the Locke and Latham of about 400 studies supported the hypothesis of Specific and high-reaching goals are translated into better task performance than general “do your best” goals. But there still remained divisions of the company that did not translate participation in submitting and achieving SMART goals into success for their company.

Consultants within General Electric identified some employees’ tendencies to get caught up with the sense of closure achieved when unimportant short-term tasks were given preference over more ambitious plans that encouraged growth. This lead to large amounts of company time spent developing overly-detailed documents outlining SMART protocols for tasks that included:

Nuclear plant engineers developing a fence to keep out anti-nuclear protestors

Security guards discouraging loss by searching every employee as they leave the facility

Administrative assistant ordering office supplies

The last example proved to be the most egregious, with the woman even creating documentation retroactively, for the sensation of checking it off her list and filing in her SMART goal folder. While there are no real proposed solutions to being seduced by the low-hanging fruit in our productive present, a mindfulness to this fact has helped me be more self-analytical while choosing the long-term outcomes. (Duhigg, 2016)

As I mentioned in my introductory post, not all productivity is created equal! Creating simple, quick tasks for the sake of completing them can chip away at your overall productivity potential for making the changes that are going to lead to meaningful progress in your life. So how did the struggling divisions turn their productivity around? They ensured that they determined whether a goal was worth pursuing for their end vision before investing time and effort into creating SMART goals.

I will develop a SMART goal relating to cross-promoting my steemit blog (look for it in the community clarification/progress/corrections area that will start off each new post) to assist my personal monitoring of progress toward developing the ThisIsMeWork community.

Do you have a goal in mind that you want to develop a plan of attach for? What questions did you ask yourself to determine its “worthiness” of your energy? Do you have a SMART goal success story? Share your experiences with the community to help our New Year’s resolutioners achieve similar success!




Duhigg, C. (2016). Smarther faster better: The transformative power of real productivity. New York, NY: Random House.

Locke, E. A. (1968). "Toward a theory of task motivation and incentives". Organizational Behavior and Human Performance. 3 (2): 157

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