I just got back from Zanzibar! What an incredible place!

in life •  last year

Living in England it's always nice to get away. Especially in December as the temperature plummets. Last week I visited Zanzibar!


We had a drink at Africa House Hotel before taking a trip round the historic Stone Town.


It was incredibly humbling to walk around Stone Town and to see people with few material belongings but with big smiles on their faces. The two famous sayings I kept hearing were Hakuna Matata and Pole pole which means "slowly slowly".



Walking around Stone Town amongst all the shops I saw these kids huddled in a room with 6 or 7 old TVs playing computer games. One of them is playing The Matrix game, another was playing Pro Evo 6.


I'm here for the wedding of one of my very good friend (and Steemians) @dannystravels. I've been pestering him to get back on to Steemit and write about his recent travels in Cape Town! After looking around Stone Town we made our way over to our little island hide away for a week relaxation.




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Hello. Great. I love it.

Very nice place! It looks like life is really simple there but there are many things to enjoy. Thanks for sharing.

Must've been a great trip @thisisbenbrick
You've conveyed it nicely to us too. Nice photos there.
Not very unlike my own country Nigeria, we also crowd up rooms sometimes to play PlayStation. It's usually Pro Evolution Soccer everytime, and I tell you what, Ben, you're lucky you didn't sit down to play PES with those kids, cos they would have whooped your behind so badly. Lol 😂

Looks like an amazing trip and great photos. Get dannystravels to post about his trips 😀

heyy Ben, the impressions look amazing! Wishing you a wonderful journey and all the best to @dannystravels

Isn't that where Freddie Mercury came from? Looks like a cool place


Yes it is! There is a museum here dedicated to his life.


gooing there sooon hopefully :)

Love the photo of the kids playing computer games - great image to illustrate cultural globalisation!

Zanzibar looks beautiful :)

In Europe we need to 'pole,pole'

Good travel

Yeah i know hakuna matata. Timon and Bumba :D



a very beautiful place I so want to go there @thisisbenbrick

you can check my profil give comment & upvote :)

Un superbe article comme d'habitude et qui est très passionnant, mais je trouve cela dommage que tu n'as pas assez de popularité tu mérites 100 fois mieux mon ami, j'attends avec impatiente ton prochain article porte toi bien ;)

Amazing.One of the beauties of Africa.From the pictures and your write up i can feel it was an amazing experience.

There are indeed a lot of wonderful places around the world. I cannot wait to explore them all including this one you visited.

thank you for the perfect photo and useful contribution

Hi @thisisbenbrick, Great friends trip, I can say it is a faithful trip, because you are visiting a friend's wedding.

Nice photography dear

Incredible, Must have been so much fun

Hello, great work, i liked your post and reward it with upvote.

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NIce!! what a place....so interesting to see the various contradictions like the old world ways of living so simply next to the rooms with kids playing video games! Fun post, thanks

lovely destination. It is on my bucket list

Looks like an awesome trip, @thisisbenbrick! We're definitely adding Zanzibar to our list of places to go!