I composed the music for the new McLaren advertsteemCreated with Sketch.

in life •  last year

Who has 3,000,000 Steem to spare?


Hi, I'm a songwriter from London

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f*ck o.O
come on, you should have asked a mclaren as a method of payment, not cash hahahaha

edit: i dont hear your music so well, unfortunately.


whats in it for me? ;) letting me drive a couple of times your future mclaren? hahahaha

You should have added steemit subliminal messages in the audio track!
If you had this payout would be at least like $22.00 :)

very cool @thisisbenbrick! I hear the music well and it's effective.


thank you :)

Congratulations! Great job!

Congrats on this! Super cool.

Nice!! Heard your other music bro and I think it's dope. As a producer myself it's always great to get a chance to listen to other people's work. Good stuff!


thanks man! do you share music on here?


I have before but only a few times. Here is my soundcloud though. https://soundcloud.com/humanearl

haha nice, but I'm confused as to why an exotic super-car needs a commercial.... as if you're going to see the ad on TV and say "I think I'll go buy a $3million car."

I'm aspiring to write for film, adverts, TV, anything so insanely jealous but also crazy happy for you mate!


you can do it :)

How did you land that gig? Very impressive!