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On the final day at Steemfest we were treated to a 3 course dinner in the spectacular Estufa Fria Botanical Gardens. At the end of the evening we got a chance to see all the different art that had been created and displayed at the various Art at Steemfest shows.


We were told we could each chose a piece of art that we liked and take it home. I found an abstract oil painting by Steemit user @omwith.


The piece I chose was called "Internal Light Collection No. 8" and I just had it framed and it's proudly hanging on my studio wall.



Did you get art from Steemfest? Share pic in comments below!

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I got drawn by a couple of Steemit artists. I didn't get to the art exhibit unfortunately. It was great to meet you there. Maybe we'll see each other at a London meet-up

This is lovely!!!

Thanks @thisisbenbrick! It looks amazing on your studio wall! I have the original hanging on my living room - a 35x 45.7 inches size :)

You can see more at

It's always a pleasure when people appreciate your art! The world needs more people like you!!! :)

Oh thats awesome .... I hope to attend the next SteemFest and perhaps participate in Steem-related art stuff.

Very cool...upvoted and following.

oh that's a nice one! still curious who got mine

Dam, you've got such a nice music studio..... and website. Definitely mega jelly of you right now.

Great psot

What a wonderful opportunity to enhance the artistic ambiance of your music studio with with Steemit art! It offers a harmonic balance and and true colorful blend. I hope other musicians and fine arts people take note of this melodic embellishment you so artistically deliver to your audience on Steemit. Thanks my friend. PS: What model of keyboards synths do you have in your music room?

Sweet art and sick looking studio!

I missed the art. I feel bad. Time just slipped away :(



beautiful art

What an Amazing location to show Your art! I bet everything was Amazing!

I love seeing cool pictures like this! Looking forward for more! 😊 FOLLOWED!

Nice addition. Curious if you built the studio from scratch? And what kind of mic filter shield is that? Never seen it before...

Very nice ... Great work

Beautiful piece!

I considered sending in some of my art, but alas, time got the best of me once again.

Beautiful addition to your studio.

Amazing! Can't wait to be part of this steemfest community one day!! Cheers for blockchain and crypto and art and meeting people! whoo!