A trip to Zanzibar in December PART 2

in life •  18 days ago

In my last post we arrived at Stone Town in Zanzibar. Here's some more pictures from the trip.

On the way over we saw one of those boats like in Captain Phillips. On the back you can see the escape hatch. I don't think the smaller boat is Pirates, but let's pretend they are.


Arriving in paradise on Chapwani Private Island! There are no other people on here except for the 20 people in our group.


The swimming pool is salt water directly from the ocean. The indian ocean is incredibly blue and the water is very warm at around 28 degrees.



There are approximately 1 million bats that live on the island. As soon as the sun goes down they travel to the mainland to find food. They fly back each day.



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looks like a good stage for the story lord of the fire flies.

This place is amazing. Would love to be there :)

Oh my, Zanzibar looks amaaazing!! I need to go there!

It could be a perfect party here

This makes me want to have a vacation somewhere warm so bad! :D

Looks like an amazing place although I'd be scared of the bats! Zanzibar is on our list of places to go this year for sure, and your article has just reminded me of that, thank you :)

Oh, man! This place really looks like heaven! Thanks for sharing, really love it.

Beautiful a view, Fantastic Zanzibar....!!!.

That water is SO beautiful! what a trip you are having, enjoy!

Indeed a very interesting tour ride, angel picture can also, really very beautiful work @thisisbenbrick.
Don't forget to visit my blog and follow me.

Beautiful pictures (upvoted)- Zanzibar is on my bucket list, I hope to visit there soon... Warm Regards @mintvelvet

we got a late night bar in my town called zanzibar, very good.

I really love the water I mean the sea and the beach

Wow awesome, Zanzibar is one of those places that sounded so mysterious to me when I was a kid looking at a globe. I've heard it's an interesting place, with it's own rules.

Wow beautiful pictures

inspiring story :)

Those are lovely photos. The blue water is so inviting and the campfire on the shore looks fun. The sunset was so magical. This is really the place where I wanna be each day. A Beautiful place like this from a beautiful person like you is worth sharing here on Steemit to beautiful people like Steemians. Nice one. Keep it up! :)

Batmans favourite place to spend his holiday, huh? :D
Oh how I would love to take a bath in the 28 degrees warm water now! I live at the coast of the Baltic Sea and the water and weather here are so grey and cold you almost die by even looking at the water :D

Excellent photo of the ocean and beaches. Natural nature. A good place to relax.

These are one of the best and beautiful places to be travelled. Thanks for posting these lovely and awesome photos.

woooww what a place, I would like to live there.. Thank you for sharing this @thisisbenbrick

Wow, amazing pictures!! This wasn't on my original plan of places to visit, it as now been added to it.:)

Wow, your own personal island with pirates out at sea and bats galore.... sounds perfect to me. Happy New Year to you.

Always wanted to visit Zanzibar! Thanks for sharing a glance of your experience! Following to see more :)

What an amazing place! Thanks for sharing!


Oh wow so interesting and I love the pictures. Im jealous lol

Amazing pictures. Where is the next destination?

This was such a relaxing retreat I bet.

Great post @thisisbenbrick Zanzibar is one incredible place, and the only thing I found crazy about it was how packed it is so well done for finding a private island!

So nice pics thanks for sharing

you are very lucky dear that you have chance to visit such beautiful places otherwise ,this life did not give such chance and opportunity to everyone

Incredibly blue water! Would love to read more about the island, the locals and the food :)

Good post