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Verse 2:

Well I'm just tryin 2 get pimped by dimimmmmmmmp....
Well I'm just tryin 2 get pimped by dimimmmmmmmp..
fat or thin, a boy, girl or chimmmmmmmp.
I'm just tryin 2 get pimped by dimimmmmppp.


$100 on this post for verse 2


Will you accept $50 and do it anyway?



lool cool feeling!

Ahah, good luck!! K7 are such a rarity nowadays! :)

thats a good one ;))

Creative and insightful.

I get fed by Ned, but I'm still a fan of Dan!

This title is total clickbait, period.


Nice work. I upvote, resteem and follow you.

Fun song. Catchy lyrics. Nice voice.


this is brilliant :D

Superb! Nice job @thisisbenbrick.

Like OMG HF17

Just noticed that. This needs to be longer. I want to see it trending at #1.