5 Things I'm Looking Forward To From ICONOMI In 2018

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ICONOMI makes it possible for anyone to create
and invest into bespoke cryptocurrency funds.


Each fund (known as a Digital Asset Array or DAA) listed on the ICONOMI platform contributes a management fee that is used to buyback and burn ICN tokens.

There are currently 18 DAA's available and according to the November monthly report there are 38,265 users and almost $150M assets under managemet (AUM).

5 things to look forward to from ICONOMI in 2018

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Ability to tokenize your own DAA once you hit $1M AUM.

Greychain Emerging Markets was the first DAA to offer an ERC-20 for their fund. Tokenization will allow individual managers the ability to promote their array more effectively, as well as allowing individual investors custody of their tokens.

Integration of FIAT on ramp

In the 2018 Roadmap ICONOMI announced the plans to not only allow FIAT purchasing of DAA's but also direct purchasing of individual digital assets. ICONOMI have experience here; their previous company Cashila was the first licensed Bitcoin payments service in Europe.

ICN will be able to be used to pay DAA fees

Paying fees with ICN tokens directly will mean more tokens burned each quarter (currently 0.2% of total supply destroyed). BLX management fees (3%), BLX exit fees (0.5%), user created DAA fees (30% of 1-10%), and 20% of Pinta realised gains are all used to buyback and burn.

Arrays on traditional regulated stock exchanges

Columbus Capital have plans to build a new array to be traded on the Irish Stock Exchange. The ISE is one of the largest fund jurisdictions in Europe and this regulated fund will be perfect for investors who want exposure to blockchain but remain wary of the space.

First Blockchain Project to undergo Big 4 Audit

An audit by one of the big 4 accounting firms has been mentioned in the December AMA and again in the 2018 roadmap. This will be crucial to attract institutional investors and will add even more credibility to the project.

These are my own thoughts on ICONOMI. This post is not intended to be investment advice.

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This is great, Imagine that BNB 12-month growth on ICN. Exciting times ahead!


ICONOMI becoming it's own exchange is very exciting

Nice post. I'm amazed how under the radar Iconomi still is although it will shape the future of the whole crypto economy.

Most people seem to only jump on things that are overhyped


Exactly! The beauty of ICONOMI is that success for other coins (that are included in various Digital Asset Arrays) will lead to higher management fees and therefore more ICN burned.

How to say .... anything has to be researched well before making a move!

I just want to think only about Ethereum in 2018........ Desperately want these... hahaha..


ICONOMI is an ERC-20 Ethereum token :)


Oh really.. What you say, investing on ehtereum will be a good decision ??

A couple of friends want to create our own DAA. But most of our chosen coins aren't available. Do you know where to propose new coins?

I have been keeping an eye on Iconomi. Thanks for the post; definitely an exciting time to be involved!

I'm interested to see your post, I think it's interesting

upvote back

The only problem is that platform doesn't work for US & canada residents!


You can buy tokenised DAA from Etherdelta (BLX) as well as this GEM has just become tokenised too (and the guy that runs it formerly worked for Binance)

Array listed on stock exchange would be very similar to crypto ETF. ☺

Covesting was not the first. Thanks to you I found Iconomi. I have to invest carefully!

Awesome post!

Good posts

Just found out about your post over on Iconomi slack, great read :). I have a feeling that this year will be very different from 2017, the news from Iconomi team have started to get out daily, there is a constant stream of small announcements, and price is picking up. For those of us that are hodling since ICO, it was very painful at the times, but the year couldn't start better than this. Excitement is in the air :))