Good night in many languages

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How to wish someone a good night in numerous languages

Albanian Natën e mirë
Basque Good night
Belarusian Дабранач
Bosnian Laku noc
Bulgarian Лека нощ
Catalan Bona nit
Croatian Laku noć
Czech Dobrou noc
Danish Godnat
Dutch Goede nacht
Estonian Head ööd
Finnish Hyvää yötä
French Bonne nuit
Galician Boa noite
German Gute Nacht
Hungarian Jó éjszakát
Icelandic Góða nótt
Irish Oíche mhaith
Italian Buona notte
Latvian Ar labunakti
Lithuanian Labanakt
Macedonian Добра ноќ
Maltese Il-lejl it-tajjeb
Norwegian God natt
Polish Dobranoc
Portuguese Boa noite
Romanian Noapte buna
Russian Доброй ночи
Serbian Лаку ноћ
Slovak Dobrú noc
Slovenian Lahko noč
Spanish Buenas noches
Swedish Godnatt
Ukrainian Надобраніч
Welsh Nos da
Yiddish אַ גוטע נאַכט


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