Men Try to 'Redefine' Sexual Consent With Blockchain

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The Road to Riches is best traveled with a partner. Not only are you getting twice the income and brainpower, you are getting a partner in crime! I can personally attest that my own path has most certainly been SUPERCHARGED since I tied the knot.

Not to mention statistically speaking extending my life span.

However, for all you young single blokes out there who aren't quite sure if they're rapist or not, I came across this article from Gizmodo that let's you legally obtain sexual consent before getting it in!

Dutch blockchain company LegalThings announced in a press release on Wednesday that it is developing an app, LegalFling, which in theory could allow about-to-bone partners to log what they are and are not okay with before they bone. The company notes that you can mark your do’s and don’ts “with the swipe of a finger.”

Just swipe here... yeah.. no just click the... and we're good!


Maybe now the next generation of athletes, politicians, and movie producers will be a little less clueless.

Be safe out there, and as always..

It's your move.

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