I got that Busy Brain Syndrome 😵

in life •  last year

Work usually gets pretty busy but this week especially has been a whirlwind!

For example: I took a poop this morning and my cardi almost feel in the toilet bowl 😂 Keyword being almost so were good guys!! But you know now that I think of it, it gets pretty lonely being this lucky hahaha

I have self diagnosed myself with Busy Brain Syndrome.

image source

I found a website called People Data which have researched specifically into the causes and effects of Busy Brain Syndrome ("BBS"). This is what they have to say about it:

Brain overload is real – the brain is not designed to keep up with the speed of technology. Busy Brain Syndrome -BBS – costs businesses $B’s, through poor customer experience delivery, increased risks of mistakes and accidents, poor inter-organisational behaviours and communication, compromised quality and unprecedented levels of customer defection.

BBS manifests as people feel burnt-out, dissatisfied, overwhelmed, afraid of making mistakes, second guessing themselves, struggling to keep up with daily demands which has resulted in cultures where trust, openness and authenticity have been severely compromised.

Read more here.

So thats that. I'm not going crazy. That is me, I'm going to have a week off because my BBS is at an all time high. My medical certificate will be in the post...

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haha some people call it 'baby brain "


but babies arent thinking about a gazillion things all at once 🤔 ....or are they?? haha

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