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patrick image_7_sm.pngFrom Darkness to Light, embodying both simultaneously.

I’ve been on Steemit for about a year and half, and since I made my expatriate departure from the USSA to Mexico over 2 years ago I’ve achieved more personal (and spiritual) growth than I have in the previous 30 years of my life. I am seeing past the trees in forest, realizing more and more as time goes on what my mission is in this incarnation.

I’m gradually losing interest in pursuits I have previously thought completed me.

I’m realizing that some pursuits I loved have also come with destructive side effects that I’m not willing to sacrifice for, and have decided that I am willing to let go of any pursuit or desire or attachment if the destructive side effects aren’t eliminated from it.

I’m willing to release and eliminate anything and anyone that doesn’t contribute to building my vision of Pure Love and Light.

I am a Light Warrior, incarnated here, now, to assist in the spiritual evolution of Gaia and all conscious beings connected to Gaia, part of a counterbalancing movement to the overwhelming darkness currently presiding over Gaia, through the teach/learning and learn/teaching of service to other-selves demonstrated through the Inherent Infinite Love Abundant throughout the Cosmos.

I’ve already ascended beyond this third dimension around us previously, but I returned here by my own choice to shed some light and channel forgotten esoteric wisdom and knowledge remembrance for the betterment of Humanity and Gaia.

Through third dimensional incarnation I forgot, and now I have succeeded in my mission of achieving remembrance: of Who I am and Where I came from and What I came here to do.

This is a third-dimensionally physical “dangerous” mission. The currently predominant dark forces will stop at nothing to quelch the light. It’s not “dangerous” in my perspective, because I know that physical death is a celebrated transition of energy. There is no destruction of mass or energy in this universe. There is no such thing as loss.

However, for the benefit of this time/space NOW moment, I am recording this statement on the public Steem blockchain now for a strategic reason:
I will NEVER, EVER commit suicide. It goes against everything I believe in down to the core of my being, and everything I live for. If there is ever a report of such a thing, do not believe it. INVESTIGATE IT TO NO END, because it is a lie.

The majority of my work is “behind the scenes” so to say, “fighting” the spiritual war going on around you without you being aware of it through alchemical transmutation. That’s okay with me. I didn’t come here for fame or fortune, but my work, the Will of Source, The One Infinite Creator, WILL be done regardless, in this incarnation or the next.


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So awesome to have you back and to read up on how the universe has been treatin' ya for daring to take some big steps.
Many of my love crew feel challenged at this time, but we all agree it's worth resisting the control structure in whatever way we can, if only to set a template for further chapters in the human story, spawned from the background of the everyday that people think is real and serious.

Much love and continued strength on your heart journey <3


Thank you! Love and blessings to you and your crew. This is an exciting time to be alive, to have the opportunity to take part in this beautiful evolutionary process. Challenge is what we came here to experience and overcome.