Frank Bacon Made Me Do It - Part 6

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I woke up to the sound of my phone going off. I quickly pick it up, "Yeah?... I don't know where she is, she left me for some other guy, I think he was from South America or something, maybe she'll be happy in another country. Fuck her!" Slamming my phone down and started talking to myself again. "Where's Frank?"

Back in my place and I am currently clean from any blood on me. I get up and head to my bathroom to piss, I feel a sharp pain in my left forearm, I look down and I don't see anything. My head is ponding and I know I have to stop taking the pills, I don't even like drugs, but the ones Frank gives me make me feel different about that.


Sitting at my computer I sift through articles on Steemit looking for the latest news and see if I can find anything about that last incident in what I think might be a government office. I feel that sharp pain again in my arm. I still don't see anything... wait... I see a scar I never remember having. I look closer in the light coming off my monitor. I see a very small lump in the center of the scar.

Jumping up, I rush back to my bathroom and flip the light switch. I get a closer look at this small bump, I reach in my medicine cabinet and pull out a razor-blade. Cutting into my arm, there is a small piece of medal inside of my fucking arm, "Well fuck my life!" It's like I am the punchline of a bad meme. I reach for the tweezers and tug at the small medal object pulling it from my forearm. After I pull it from my arm, I hold it up to the light to get a closer look.


Seems like some unidentified metal looking thing that makes no sense to me at all, as I look closer, I can see some kind of strange tiny writing that doesn't look like a language I've seen before. I quickly toss it into the toilet and flush. "What the fuck was that? I bet they know where I'm at, who were those men in black? Did they plant that thing in me? Was it Frank? Is there more? Patting down my body and search for other objects and probes. "Nothing!", I sigh.


I grab my shit and head to the door, I need to get out of here. I swing the door open to Frank standing in front of me with a look of anger. He says, "Why in the fuck, would you do that?" Frank punches me in the face and everything goes black.


@frankbacon @frankbacon @frankbacon


a pretty crazy story, the red pill reminded me of a movie called Matrix haha

What story you published is very crazy but entertaining

What insane is jose. What friend gives "normal" pills to his friend? HAHA! I loved the story. I am a new follower. regards

I do not know why I put jose, it was Frank

Lt. Shaffer, AKA @originalsimulant and I had an interesting conversation about this in that Diner you like so much. Must get some Pie again soon.


Like that pain in your arm was not enough that Frank decided to punch you in the face :3 Heartless @frankbacon!

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