Motorcycle Tales - Why Riding gears are important

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Last week we rode down to Uttarakhand and total ride was of somewhere around 700 kms. The hills welcomed us with cool breeze; riding in plains was a task in itself.

While waiting at a fuel station for my fellow riders to catch up I was thrown questions on my riding gears by a local and thats precisely the reason I wanted to pour my heart out here.

Why do we wear riding gears??
Well I would say it's utter useless. An extra thick sheet of cloth with armors makes your ride uncomfortable and doesn't allow the much needed wind to dry out the sweat. Then why use them?

I've been using riding gears for almost a decade now and trust me they are just a pain in ass until and unless that 1 day. The day there's a crash or slip and the real worth will come out.

Trust me when that shit happens you'll left with nothing except how things could have gone worse had the gears were not in place.

How much does these cost?

Most people say the cost of helmet should be proportional to the worth you feel for your head. Well makes sense but that would be too much.

I would say buy a decent DOT approved helmet and a sanely priced riding jacket + gloves. Idea is not to take risks but be safe Incase something just happens. Nothing is full proof but then this will ensure that the damage is limited and the chances of surviving a crash improves.

Please comment down if you too get such questions and how do you handle them.

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Just wanted to clear a misconception. DOT doesn't approve helmets. DOT has certain standards. Helmet manufacturers then state that they have met those standards.

Since DOT is American, if the helmet is being sold in America, it may be tested at random to see if those standards have been met.

A company that claims their helmet to be DOT standard in India cannot be taken at face value. Since the company's claim cannot be verified in India.

Only if a helmet manufacturer sells the exact same model in America, does that DOT claim hold true

Absolutely. It's always advised to stick to reputed ones. I picked mine from London just to be sure I'm not joking with safety

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