Went for a Shopping!!

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So it is been a while I have even went out of house. My husband usually takes me out for everything but since I'm in my mom's house, I'm unable to go out because of reason that my Mom always stays busy, bro has a job and family for himself and grandma is very old to accompany me. So finally today evening I convinced my Mom to go with me and she agreed. The most thrilled one was my daughter lol. We just did some basic random shopping and spent few hours outside our routine which felt nice. I want to take my daughter out again. Asked Mom to come with me to a local exhibition. I would post more pics if she agrees.

How are you all guys doing by the way? hope life finds you in happiness and peace. Here are some pics we took and the last one is my Mom trolling my daughter's pose hehe

thanks for visitin you guys. Love you all


Good for you, nice to get out of the house!!
Your daughter is such a cutie!!
Bear Hugs!! x0x0x

Hugs you back <3

hayie there cutie baby girl. hon she looks like yoy. so beautiful. can we go shopping with you? with my minis? @thegoddess 😘❤️❤️❤️

Oh that would be very amazing darl, but I predict you and me would be running behind our kids instead of shopping lol

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