I'm seeing results!!

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Hey friends, how are you all doing? I'm just a happy person to share my a little success that I have achieved by going to gym. I took a break for 3 months from gym and I became lazy and and also put on extra weight that I have lost from hard work of months. I became very sad and disappointed on myself and now am happy to share that by just going for few weeks, I'm losing the weight again and feeling fresh. I usually work out for an hour and half and divide 30 mins to each activity like cardio, abs and weights. Not too shaby for me, it is giving me results. If there is anyone in my list who wants a little encouragement to hit a gym, let me tell you, its all worth it. Just go and join fellaws.


How beautiful. Stay healthy, Bhar!

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Big Bear Hugs!! x0x0x

oh you look great girl, continue working out :DD 👍 I just followed you!

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