The Worst Week of My Life..

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Hello everyone! I haven't posted on steemit for about 8 days, and there's a reason for it. I had the worst week of my life. It may not be the worst to some people but it really took a toll on me. There are two main factors which i will go into more detail.

Had a Bad Bike Injury

Now i know this sounds silly but hear me out. Last Sunday i couldn't get some sleep, i stayed all night up and on the early morning i said "Let's go for a bike ride" to clear my mind. So it was 6:00 AM in the morning and i'm cruising down the street in my bike, until i reached my favorite street (It's a street where i go often with my bike to just clear my mind). The Street is just a straight line with no cars and people. I decided to speed up, i was going like 30 Miles per hours... Until my chains broke. The rear wheel just went up propelling me to the front. I landed with my chest and my left arm, they all got fucked up and i just sat on the side of the street for about 20 mins because my vision got blurred and couldn't see. After that i went home got a shower and the next day i went to the doctor and he patched my up. I couldn't sleep for the next 5 days because of the burning, couldn't write neither. So in conclusion instead of me going for a ride and just relaxing, it made me even more stressed and mad then i was before.

My Instagram Account got Stolen

(DISCLAIMER: This was 100% my fault for trusting a stranger on the internet)
Now this hurt me more than the bike crash. I had a Instagram account with 21.5k Followers that i grew in 6 months and was very proud of it. So i see steem dollar decline and said to myself let's sell it and was planning to buy some SP. I went to a forum that specializes in social media selling/buying, posted my account and later that day i got a message on Kik, someone was interested. I talked with him and we came to the agreement of 250 dollars, i told him send me the money to Paypal and i'll give you the Account. He disagreed and told me "how can i trust you when you have no reputation in the forum" and sent me his record. It looked okay and everyone was giving him good comments, he himself had 190k. So i agreed sent him the Account first, he checked it and gave me the green light but he started to change the password, email, phone number. I asked for the money and he said he sent it, i waited for 5 mins and then started to freak out. When i tried to log into my Account it was gone... So yeah don't trust strangers on the internet kids. I acknowledge that it was my fault but i was tired and i just wanted to get it over with so i rushed.

But i'm looking this at the bright side, now i'm free and will focus all my time on Steemit. I'm gonna do 1-2 posts a day and i'm going to be very active on the community.

Thanks for reading guys, i really appreciate it. If you liked the post please give it a up-vote and if your really fucking liked it resteemit! it would help a lot!

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That sucks. But at least you learned something new. I'm pretty sure you can build up a new account. It will take a while but it's going to be worth it.

Thank you :)