First Ever DTube Volg #1 :- Some Quick Tips To Get Started On Steemit !!

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Hello All Dear Steemit Friends,

So Friends from today iam going to start a Vlog series based on Dtube and iam trying to give important tips and motivation to other struggling members on Steemit through my this Vlog series,

So please keep your support because that gave me the motivation for Creating more interesting and informative videos for all of you !!

(sorry for the background noise because some construction work is running near my home)😇🙏

Let's check out my first vlog with some good tips for struggling Steemit members.


▶️ DTube

Congratulations on you first blog, those are great tips for success on steemit. Am gonna start using steemit chat. Which discord are u on?

P.A.L and you can aslo contact me by typing my Steemit username in search option of discord.

Nice job starting with DTube! I'm sure it would be fun and you'll enjoy the platform. Lots of developments are on the way!

Thanks a lot and iam waiting to see some more development like a good mobile application for Dtube.

Hi thecryptotrader,

Congrats on you first video on telling the new Steemians what to do and what not to do to succeed on Steemit.

Thanks buddy, iam just trying to give some tips to new members to make sure that they not get demotivated here.

Congratulation thecrytotrader! Your post has appeared on the hot page after 38min with 14 votes.

Thanks for your appreciation buddy 😇🙏

Best of luck for this series. I am happy to watch all. Bro I am also going to star a series soon but confused to select platform. Dtube or Dlive. Share your experience.

Well it's totally depends on the type of your content because if you are interested in daily vlogging or video creation then Dtube is best and if you are planning to do some gaming live streaming type series DLive is the one for you.

Someone said that Dtube take high curation charge. Almost 25%. So if Dtube take 25% + Steemit 25% = 50%. We get only 50%.

Well Dtube takes high Curation charges but they also give huge upvotes,so it's not a big deal and if you want to save Curation then go for DLive because there is no extra Curation charges.

Nice one buddy great job on your 1st vlog using dtube .goodstart :)I resteem it to let other know specially the beginner who wish to be successful in steemit world.

Thanks a lot dear and it would be great if someone get motivation from my work and after all everything is possible if we put enough effects in it 😇

You made a very good motivational video...Good job bro .

Thanks,iam still learning and still felling a bit shy shipe making thsese videos 😅 but i think it's a good way to share my thoughts and feelings with all of you guys easily.

Yeah...And I think this first 100 + ....A big congratulation for this success ...Today I see you like a whale 👍

Hahah yip this one is my first $100+ but many times i got upvotes near $70-90 but this one is really special and iam thankful to the community and Steemit to keep the Support with me all the time,and it's funny to feel like a whale because it's still a very long way to go for me to reach at that level but as you know iam keep trying for that no matter how tough the way is.

Yeah...And it's a turning point of your life ...I think ...And I considered to your advice and tried to make a good content ...Let's check and give me your suggestion ...Because now I want to something unique more than earning 😇

I already checked that out and waiting to see some good and creative work from you on your new account, once it's ready to use.

I didn't get my password...Now I become impatience because I am waiting for this .

You can use the paid sign-up option if you want instant account.

Those are the things one should keep in mind before spamming the steemit. Well said bro!

First ever Dtube video and you got $104 worth upvotes! Congrats for that! Let the journey continue.

Thanks for your appreciation buddy and i also very excited to get this big response from Dtube team,i will definitely keep this journey going.

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