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My fellow Steemians, as Christmas draws near it’s time to reflect on the year and come together as people.

Many of us will be travelling across our various nations and even around the world to spend time with our families.

We should all take this time to appreciate the gifts that life has bestowed upon us. Whilst we reflect, we should not forget that there are some of us who will have an empty chair at the table for Christmas dinner.

It is tough enough when a loved one can’t make it due to work or adverse weather, but imagine how tough it must be if that empty chair belongs to a loved one who has gone missing.

In some ways it is worse than having a deceased loved one because there is no closure for you, only uncertainty and doubt.

Angie Barlow

This nightmare is a reality for the family of 23 year old Angie Barlow who went missing in Indianapolis on October the 26th of 2016.

In an attempt to get her back they have started a GoFundMe campaign to raise reward money for information leading to her whereabouts.

Here is an extract from the GoFundMe page where a member of her family, Sarah, explains how much they are hoping to raise and the reasons why:

Hello, my name is Sarah. I am a family member of Angie Barlow who has been missing since October 26th, 2016 from the Indianapolis, Indiana Area. I would like to raise an additional $7,500 to add to our current $5,000 Reward Money for information leading to Angie and her whereabouts. That would be a Grand Total of $12,500 for anyone who may possess valid information about Angie's whereabouts. I would like to raise this money as soon as possible so that we can get Angie Home as soon as possible. Time is so precious in these situations so let's work together in making this happen. Angie, a resident of Indianapolis, has not been seen or heard from since October 26th. And her family and friends are completely heartbroken. Angie is 23 years old with much life to live. Angie's Car has been located but still no Angie. Authorities are working extremely hard on the case. Angie's Family and Friends have not rested since her disappearance. Her parents are working and praying day and night for Angie's safe return. Angie has 3 little sisters that adore her and miss her dearly. We will not stop until Angie is home. I realize this is a hard time of the year to donate but if you're able and wanting to help this is a way that you can. If you would prefer to donate money through another way vs GoFundMe, we have a bank account setup in order for you to do that.

Searchlight Video

The case is also covered by John Lordan in one of his Searchlight videos:

Most of us are lucky - we will have a holiday season knowing exactly where our loved ones are. Please spare a thought for Angie and her family.

Imagine if she was your sister or daughter. What would you do?

How you can help:

All Steem Dollars/Steem raised from this post will be converted to dollars and donated by myself to the GoFundMe campaign.

Special thanks to @andrarchy for helping me to edit this and for John Lordan for his video breakdown.


Idea: All funds raised from this post should go to her family. Just an idea.

Why not the GoFundMe? It goes to her family that way. It might be tricky to send funds directly to her family from the UK so might be quicker to use that. It simplifies things a great deal that way.

As @thecryptofriend mentioned all funds raised through GoFundMe go to the family I believe!

Yes unless he meant the liquid funds from the post? I will be sending those too (sorry if it wasn't clear in the post).

Thanks for bringing this to my attention. I hope we can use steemit to promote more content like this that serves a social good

Re-starting Steem-a-dream would be a good start as well1

I hope we never have to use Steemit to find missing people.
But sadly, I think we will.
I hope all those who have gone missing are found and returned safely to their families (if that's where they want to be). Or at least a found to be living safe and well wherever they have chosen to be.

Thanks for your help! That is my hope too.

Hey all the payout for this ended recently at 17.85 but I though it wasn't much so I've added in some money myself to make it round $40. To save time with conversions and things I've just donated using my own money. Here is the screenshot:

(right click to open in a new tab and see it full size).

Great to see this up on the blockchain! Spreading the word resteemed!

Unbelievable. The pain that poor family must be going through right now. I salute you for bringing this to our attention and doing your bit to help.

My thoughts and prayers go out to them, of course...

Thanks. It is because of John Lordan's Tweet that I found out about it.

My prayer is that she is found safe.

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Hope they find her soon, my heart goes out to them all,

Yes. I think in some ways this uncertainty can be worse than losing someone for sure.

Wow. Thank you for bringing this to the community's attention. I think this platform has a lot of potential to do some real good. This is definitely an opportunity to prove that. I've seen some of John Lordan's videos. He really seems to want to help in situations like this by drawing attention to these types of stories.

Thanks. Yes John does a great job raising awareness of these cases that the mainstream media abandons very fast.

His bless this family and I hope that she will be found soon

Yes thank you:)

Great initiative. Thanks for posting this!