To power down or not?

in life •  last year

Between work and GMBit I really need a new computer. My poor old laptop has been through hell and back.

I am to lazy to go through the docs. Can somebody tell me how long it takes to power down completely?

Do you think I should or not, I really don't want to start over, but I really do need a new computer.

Michael Garcia a.k.a. @TheCrazyGM

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It takes 13 weeks. Whether you should do it is up to you.


Thanks for info.

I hope you can buy a new computer without powering down - but we all have to learn how sometime - i am saving mine for the future because i believe this platform will be huge in a few years. I am now following you


I did stop my power down. I am with you in the fact that I think steemit is going to be huge soonish. I hope to find a way to get a computer without that.


well done

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If you do not need a portable computer (i.e. a laptop) I think you could save at least half of the steem you have while still getting something powerful. Just look at second-hand workstations like the ones from HP and Lenovo. You will get a lot more bang for your buck and can still get a really powerful machine. The reason I recommend brand-name second-hand workstations is because they have been designed to last, all their components seem to be professional-grade and since a lot of companies upgrade their equipment pretty regularly, there are a lot of gems out there. Just make sure that you get something with a up-to-date Xeon CPU (or two :P).

The only real caveat of this route comes if you are an avid gamer as many games have not been optimized for the Xeon processors that much and can't really take full advantage of its power (those are more server and workstation grade CPUs which has a lot of upsides outside of gaming).

If you want to game, you would most probably be fine by simply selling the Nvidia Quadro card that those machines usually come with and replacing it with a more gamer oriented GPU. And since those workstations come with powerful power supplies and enough space to fit whatever you need inside.

I really hope this advice saves a part of the Steem Power that you have accumulated so far :)

Comment written from an HP Z700 workstation purchased second-hand at a bargain price :P


Thanks that is actually a great idea! I'm a Linux user and no games. Just crunchy stuff.


Oh, than this could really be something to save you some Steem :)

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You can get something Decent (Desktop or Laptop) over on CyberPowerPc. com for about 1/3 of what you have in your Account right now.