A Plea for Help

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Open Cry for Help

I didn't want to have to break down and do this but I am in a position that I could use the help. As some or most of you may know I broke my back ten years ago and had to have emergency surgery to put my spine back together. I had broken L5 and blew out the discs above and below it working as a correctional officer. The surgery was a failure as far as that goes and I have been in constant hell ever since.

This last weekend I fell several times and retraumatized the area in my lower back. I was rushed to the ER where I was admitted and spent three days. They sent me home with a shiny new wheelchair that, believe it or not, is fairly comfortable. After all of that and over one thousand images of my spine later there was little to nothing they could do to help with the paralysis I started to suffer. Now my lower half is mostly useless.

I have an appointment with a neurologist and a neurosurgeon in the coming week, but I am in dire financial need, for a couple of reasons. First, while I was away my rent became late and the stupid apartment complex filed for eviction. That was paid when I returned and am no longer at risk of being homeless but it did put me in a bind as the late fees were absolutely fucking ridiculous. Second, even though I am disabled and have Medicare, it only covers 80%. The other 20% comes out of pocket. I paid for the wheelchair while I was there and that also put me in a financial bind.

Now I do not have the copay for the hospital stay, which was $1,058 and some change. Nor do I have the copay for both neuro doctors I have to see.

So, instead of doing a GoFundMe or one of those ridiculous places that take 20% or more of your donations I thought I would ask the Steem community for help. Any and all donations would be welcome as I am in a bad spot. If you would prefer to donate via another method I can take several different alt-coins and PayPal.

  • Litecoin: LZFZgb972pRgSz1ocPakSuEX7GLbp5oZrx
  • Bitcoin: 1GW6jmMFFQbTR8veJKbXVv2HYdTbiu5byE
  • Ethereum: 0xEE6AaFb6ad9a23C9b386e7fBb55D9d65feb0aB23
  • Steem: @thecrazygm
  • Paypal: https://www.paypal.me/TheCrazyGM
  • I'll also take a swift kick in the ass to keep me going.

Thanks in advance to all you awesome steemians,
Michael Garcia a.k.a. @TheCrazyGM



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Upvoted, and hope you feel better, and get better soon.

Wow, this community is awesome! Thank you, everyone, for your kind words. Instead of commenting on each and everyone I upvoted so you know I have at least seen your good wishes.
A few things, the doctor did recommend yoga, so that's on the todo list.
I am positive and have been making light of a bad situation, optimism does help.

Best of luck.

I hope the steemit community can make this happen.

For you and to let the rest of us look good.

So sorry to hear. :( Sending and thinking positive thoughts your way.

Sorry to hear that. Get well soon :)

wow i am about to interview my Paralyzed across the street neighbor who broke his back in a surfing accident age 27 years ago and since then hes talked on stage for Tony Robbins back in the 90s as a Motivationa Speaker and he wouldd have bbig crowds of people and do stunts like skydiving AFTER the accidengt he skydived while paralyzed to inspire peopel ad woudl show the video and stuff and he ran a multi million dollar graphic design compaya nd now hes iin a lot of pain and also cant compete with the freelance stuff now he was makin bank back in thedot com boom! graphic design was a huge business then! hah and he is a HUGE inspiration and i wana show @darthnava about this story oof Rick y neighbor and Rick has SuCh a good attitude about his disability and also pioneered some court battles to fight for disabled rights serious ADA stuff and and u guys should all create a steemit supprt grppup for disabled peopel who cant work normal jobs and NEED work at home opportunities

and now that steemit has show a lot of love please consider paying it forward and giving some upvotes to my Steemit #Africa friends @tj4real and @xpency and @ortigas100 and @mcsaam they need inspiration to keep bringing more steemit users and also go upvvote all the struggling africans on Steemit #africa here http:///www.steemit.com/trending/Africa and show some love with some upvotes everyone :) encouraging africans to join steemit can change our world in SUCH an amazing way

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I know its also good people around !


@patelincho you are so sweet and thoughtful and kind - God Bless You !

I'm sorry to hear about your problems, but good luck with getting the money! I've sent you an upvote. It might not help a lot, but all upvotes add a little bit at least, so hopefully you get a decent amount of steem from this!

Hey @thecrazygm - I'm resteeming this to my tribe but I'm going to post a #payitfoward post on your behalf too. Hang in there, love!

Hope you get sorted out. I will share this around and send you something when I get my next payout. All the best.

I pray for your recovery. Glad you're reaching out to this community for help. I also applaud the members of Steemit for supporting and encouraging stories like this :)

Upvote for you. Good luck and I hope your situation improves soon :-)

Hope to see you back on your feet soon. Upvoted and resteemed. All the best mate, keep your head up and never stop giving 100%

upvoted and resteemed. I too have L4/L5 issues and have had (semi successful) surgery. I have major nerve damage as a result however so i know how frustrating and life changing a back injury can be. though you seem to be more severe than myself, i can relate and i'm sending support. good luck on your journey and i hope you make the money you need. peace, jill :)

I wish you the best my friend. Any chance of you traveling to Mexico or another country for your treatments?

Very sorry to hear your situation, hope your upcoming appointments make your life a lot better. Upvoted and resteemed good luck mate

Goodluck and i hope you get better real soon. Sending prayers your way Michael.

Upvoted and re-steemed. Get better soon @thecrazygm.

Upvoted and resteemed, I hope things start going better for you soon.

Up voted!!!

I was really hoping this post would make Michael a few $1000, we need a few whales to upvote I suspect.

may money be not a problem for you anymore! may your health be restored!

I hope you get the treatment u need. Good luck

Sending prayers that you will receive the help you need.

Wish you success and good health. I do not have much but will send in my support in form of upvote...upvoted and wish you more success.

Upvoted and RESTEEMED! All the best!! :]

God bless you sir

Here comes a big resteem for you. :)

heres to you pal, rock on @tuakanamorgan

Upovoted and sending you positive vibes..get well soon!

I HOPE everything works out for you!

That L5 is a pain. No pun meant, but if we don't have laughter in times like this what else is there? I have been there with back pain and sometimes go days without leaving the house due to pain and/or anxiety and PTSD related stuff. Asking for help, when needed, is something many of us need to learn to do better, more directly and in a humble way. You have done all of the above and I appreciate it, so while you apologize... thank you :) <3 Here's to manifesting all that you need and I truly do, wish you the best. Love and Light! Good luck, sir!

Good luck mate! I wish you all the best

Dont ever give up.. i wish you good luck for your future ..

I wish you all the best, i will restem your post. I know what is pain....but be optimistic :)

May God grant you healing and the ability to pay these crazy medical bills. I have been is a similar situation in years past, so I will pray for you!

You have my best wishes, hope you get better quick

Hope everything turns out well for you @thecrazygm

God bless you.
Upvoted and resteemed.

You got my upvote 100% and resteemed

Wish you all the best. We all with you. upvote and follow!

Good luck brother.

Hi Michael! I highly recommend Yoga, it can do wonders.

get better and keep up going...I'm sure the community will help

That everything should go very well.

Have faith @thecrazygm. I will upvote and reesteemed your post to reach kind and heartedly person to help you. Follow you too

Dang Mike,
I know you always hurt with your back man and that's an endeavor in itself. Falling down steps and now this? Damn, Bro. Whatever you do maintain positive. There is power in that. Turn this setback into a positive situation...as ridiculous as that sounds. Story post about this new adventure in your life. Put some Fake rockets on your wheelchair, say some crazy awesomeness to the docs and try to get their reaction on camera. Learn some dope wheelchair tricks. Anything you can do to keep your head up Bro. I'm broke as rubbing two turds together right now and trying to turn the measly 1400 I have in my trading account into something. But for you I'm withdrawing some of that now. Love You Man.

Sorry to hear about your situation. I'm afraid all I can offer at this time is an Upvote and a resteem, which I've done. Be well friend, get better soon.

Best wishes... I have upvoted for you ! :)

Upped. I'll check back on this.

I wish you get better as soon as possible. Speedy recovery

Resteemed, and again sent what I have, hope we can raise enough for you.

It would be amazing to see someone benefit from this community like this. Upvote sir!

Ur luck is like mine...
so .... I UPVOTED UUU:)

Keep your head up my friend. Breath and stay with your breath. Everything will be ok, and we steemians are all here for you to vent to. Someone will be available on steemit! Excersize your mind by believe in yourself. Believe in yourself so much that your brain will repair any damage To your body. It is possible. Believe it my friend. You look like a strong spirit, its in your eyes. Believe in yourself and good luck. This hard time too will pass.

Upped and resteemed! You will be in my prayers brother! :)

Silver and gold I hardly have any to survive, but what I can give, I give to you. I pray that your surgery is favoured, that you body will be restored;
and I will upvote and resteem for you.

Hey just Resteemed good luck bud

I wish you well and upvoted your post. This wonderful community will make it happen. I saw @merej99 #payitforward post for you. Thank you for reaching out. I know it can be difficul sometimes!

Upvote and reesteemed your post to reach to person who can help you. Best of luck @thecrazygm

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I hope you get some healing in body mind and spirit