One month no-alcohol=Life changer

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In case you do not drink alcohol, very good for you but you can still
continue reading do not let me stop you, i might make you smile at
least. I am aware the web is full of articles with similar topic or even
exact topic but this is my personal experience.
It was December the period of good mood, family, friends and a bigger
vareity of alcoholic beverages then usual. I am what society calls an
occasional drinker, and because I live in a country where drinking is
almost as usual like walking, I was drinking, 1 or 2 beers couple of
times per week so you can imagine that in December the amount doubled.
Last 2 weeks of December I can say I was drinking every day, not getting
drunk but still one glass of wine, one or two beers then whiskey,cognac,
rum around one small glass each during Christmas . My body did not react
very negative altough I did have trouble sleeping and I did skip gym
couple of times, but hey! It was holiday. One thing is for sure most of
us will find an excuse to drink a beer or to have a glass of wine, based
on the fact that it will not kill you, even better it is good for you.
True it is, one glass of wine, not 2 and definitely not a bottle. But
lets face it, how many times you have just one glass of wine or just one small
After New Year I decided to have a month of break, meaning no alcohol
at all, and i knew it will be easy because anyway I am an occasional
drinker. To be honest first week I did think of beer from time to time,
but after that it was all good. What did I do when I was going out?
Remember your childhood when you were checking the so called
non-alcoholic part of the meniu, well that was what I was doing, you got
tea, coffe, juices, sodas and basically the same stuff like long long
time ago. I was kind of sad to realize I spend more money then my beer
drinking friends or the same, even water has almost the same price like
beer, crazy crazy world. I am also kinda of disappointed to see the
limited variety of non-alcoholic beverages, I definitely think we should
have much more non-alcoholic drinks. I did gain more time and on a long
term I also save money. If you go for a coffee, you drink it and done,
you do not order another coffee, just if you have some caffeine issues.
Plus, did you ever spend a night drinking coffee and water and talking
about your favorite cartoon, guess you got my point.
Month is over, and I can drink again, and I did, I actually got drunk,
and that was bad, I felt very bad the next day, and I also felt tired
like I ran a marathon. Nothing new, it wasn't the first time, but
mentally something changed, I can not explain it, but I just do not feel
like drinking anymore, and I believe we could all be better with less.
Yes, I will drink a beer or two, I am even going to drink a wine with a
nice dinner from time to time, but not like the society labels it...
occasionally..because you can find an occasion all the time...
What I noticed is that I lost some weight, not much 1kg, but its
something and I saved money, and I saved time. I will not say that I
feel like a super-human or that I am better then my beer drinking
friends, but I am a better version of myself and thats enough for me.

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