Beard growing the simple way

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Growing a beard has become and art. The web is full of articles and men that teach other men how to grow a beard and then at the end they will try to sell you a product, of course. Well guess what? I will tell you that it is all for nothing if you do not have the right genes. You can use whatever product you want you will not have a beard like you see in the media. Those men spend time and money to look like that,its their job and like here they will do whatever possible to get more followers so they can sell you more products. The bottom line is that not all men should grow a beard just because it is now days popular, because it just looks stupid.
For those who want to give it a try, I can give some advices that are very easy to follow and do not require investing a fortune in products and in barbers that just act like cutting your beard so you end up going back after two weeks. My father has a beard since he is my father never saw him without, and guess what? When he was young he did not use beard oil, beard cream, beard shampoo, conditioner and God knows what other products they will invent, and he looks cool.
So, very basic, do not cut it,sounds easy but it is not, because for a while you will look like a forest troll, but after that you will know what you want to do with it, and yes i suggest to visit a barber. He will give you a lot of advices and try to sell you something as well, its up to you, but do not rush and do not be so naive to buy all the products better go for a nice lunch after, you have time to search for the products you actually need. Which brings me to the next topic, how to take care of it?
-do not wash it, maximum twice a week and yes the web will tell you to wash it more so you use more product so you buy more, but my opinion is water will do just fine when you take a shower, and try to use a natural soap or shampoo for washing.
-get a brush or a comb, it will last a lifetime so it is a good investment specially the comb you can use on the head as well
-use beard oil from time to time, specially if you go out or to work. It smells nice and makes it look better, and the market is full of them, get the expensive stuff, the cheaper products are obviously not that good and you end up using more of them because they do not have a strong smell and evaporate fast
And do a research and always ask yourself if you actually need that product. In my opinion you are better off without a full bathroom of products, get some good beard oil and have patience. Anyway you will probably get bored of it and cut it off, and then you just wasted money for nothing. Feel free to ask questions, I am not an expert but i did read all kind of articles about it, so you do not have to.
Let the Beard Olympics begin.

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