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I Often forget what brings me JOY..when I am in darkness....
It is thru the use of Medical Marijuana and Music that I have returned to the knowing of the POWER of music and how
much happiness it brings me..

When JOY returns
my healing returns...

to THE Sacrament Marijuana and its healing..

Bless Up Bredren


Love the Barrington Levi you got on, sounds like him. I tell you, music has definitely kept me sane this year, i think i listened to more music in 2018 than in my entire life lol. Glad you in the joy sis! bless up.

yes...barrington...ol skool friend it is so strange for me that in my darkest times I can so easily forget the things that bring me joy in this life...its a coming and the waves of the ocean...I peeped your page..some really deep and heart felt posts...thank you for sharing..happy to have the connection..may there be joy in your day..bless up..uma

Thanks Uma, and yeah definitely agree with you, the ocean is a great reflection of the inner struggles. That reggae music, and jungle of course, always lifts the spirit. Have a good day sis! bless up :)