Too funny - I went through Bittrex the other day and diversified a little of the Bitcoin I'd bought with Steem into their "penny coins." (Is that a word? Like "penny stocks?") Quite pleased with siacoin and Reddcoin at the moment - 1000% isn't bad for 30 days.

Doge isn't so bad either. And such cute!

Much thankx,

I'll check out siacoin and reddcoin.

I'm all about the "penny coins" if it wasn't a term before, I'll give you credit for it.

I feel ya bro- I hope you do get rich- even though some of us have been in cryptoland it's still just getting off the ground- plenty of bank to be had. I knocked it out of the park with Siacon. Bought in under one cent- now hovering around 9- just bought some Dogecoin today myself. : ) and what made it all possible for me? Full STEEM ahead!

Steemit is financing almost all of my crypto purchases.

11,000 Dogecoin is slick but take my word, better yet don't and do some research, jump on EOS before it skyrockets through the roof. It has just started scratching the surface of what is capable of. It is going to be the hottest coin of 2018 when everything else climbs out of most people's price range. The can run hundreds of thousands of transactions per second and can scale up to meet your needs. See the video below.

A totally unbiased, professionally produced sales pitch, how refreshing.

Buy high! Sell low!!

Or buy high and hodl on to it until it crashes because I can't admit I was wrong.


Been there.
Hated that.

I enjoy your post. thanks