How I Didn't Die (or Get Frostbite) Today

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It warmed up a little after the sun came up.


(That's about -12C).


Even though it's technically an "evergreen", you can tell when it's really cold out because the Rhododendron's leaves curl up like cigars when it gets really frigid.

snowy road.jpg

This road has already seen the county snow plow, twice.

If you're wondering how I didn't die (or get frostbite) today, because we have to walk our dogs 3-4 times a day, here comes my secret weapon (at least for keeping my feet warm).


NEOS Overshoes, I have 4 different pairs of these ranging from the 11" tall Villager (I keep a pair in my car in case I ever have to get out and walk) to a pair even taller than the ones pictured that are fully waterproof.

I've walked our dogs on -15 degree Fahrenheit (-26C) days wearing the slippers my 85 year old mother knitted for me inside these things.

That's right, no shoes.

And the pair shown in the picture have seen almost 20 winters.

The secret to not getting frostbite when it's really cold out is to be smart.

I would be really smart if I could get one of the kids to walk the dogs.

Sadly, I'm not that smart.

All photos by @theblindsquirl


Hello there! Omg it looks beautiful yet it looks too cold for this blonde lol! Well, I never knew rhododendrons were evergreens, they don’t do too well in our dry climate :(
Hope you had a lovely holiday!

Yes, once you get past the extra work it creates, it is beautiful.

It creates a very peaceful sense of solitude too, until the assholes in pickup trucks blow past you like the roads are clean and dry. ;-)

Happy and prosperous New Year to you @artedellavita.

This is captivating post, i look forward to see more of you, these because there is power in information.

How long do the batteries last?

No batteries, the cords are the elastic that hold the overshoes closed against your legs.

Wow that is amazing. Does that company make gloves too?

Sadly no, just overshoes, the acronym stands for New England Over Shoes, hence NEOS, not to be confused with some new cryptocurrency.

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