My Life Yesterday, 6.8.18 #ulog

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It was Friday, the end of the work week. Some friends wanted to go out for ice cream, so I tagged along!

This first ice cream dish was a hot fudge brownie creation. The brownie was really good, dense gooey and chocolatey.


Extra hot fudge was ordered, and it came in this big bowl. It was a lot! Surprisingly though, it was mostly used up by the time we left the ice cream parlor 😆


Another friend ordered this strawberry shortcake sundae. It was huge!

The strawberries were very fresh which was nice, I only sampled a little of this one though.


This was my order. A “small” Hawaiian sundae. It was delicious and not too over the top sweet like I was afraid it might be.

Coconut ice cream with pineapple sauce 🍍

The extra coconut shavings on top with the cherry and whipped cream where a nice touch.


This was just a funny observation that really had me laughing. Often older people harshly criticize younger people for using their phones at the table or in other social situations.

This old couple spent the whole time i was there buried in their phones 😆

I had to hold it in but as soon as I got outside I burst into laughter!


After the visit to the ice cream shop, we wound up at the local Barnes and Noble bookstore.

It was fun spending some time browsing around, but this fat little Star Wars book that I saw near the checkout really stood out to me because it was so cute and cool.

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Oh nominated me haha... your photo standards are great! But il accept the challenge wuhoooo...


Just keep posting ulogs so @steembasicincome can vote for you!

By the way those ice creams looked so enticing!! You just made me jealous!


It was a rare treat for me to go out for ice cream, I’m glad you like the pictures!


my heart is crying over that Hawaiian Sundae :'(

All ice-cream in your photos look yummy! I especially like the first one!

The fat little Star Wars is really cute and cool indeed. ;)