My Life Yesterday, 6.13.18 #ulog

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Hello everyone!

Yesterday was kind of a bad day for me.

I accidentally slept in too much and was late for work. It wasn’t a very good way to start the day at all... 😞

It was also very hot! I drove by a sign that had the temperature at 106°F! It’s too early in the year for this kind of heat I say!

Another thing that was getting me down yesterday was that I was feeling really anxious about having to go back to a new clients house that I just went to for the first time a couple days ago.

All morning I was thinking of different scenarios of her yelling at me or complaining to me and being mean and abusive... When I got there though, she was nice and respectful.

I actually finally understood her too, and it became pretty obvious to me that she was really just a clueless airhead who didn’t understand anything of what I was doing for her despite having everything explained to her clearly multiple time by me and my boss 😂

One final bummer of the day was when I called a client to see if she would be available and she let me know that she wouldn’t because she had company over on account of her brother having just recently died... 😢

I felt so bad but I had to continue on with the work day. Life goes on...

One of my last stops is where I found this cool frog spigot. The picture turned out a little blurry, and that’s probably because of the heat and my sweaty hands 😝


When I got home I made myself a meal of zucchini and corned beef.

I put just some salt and pepper, garlic powder, and cumin on the zucchini and mixed it all around with some coconut oil and the beef before I put it in the oven to cook. It was good and satisfying!

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Until next time...

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Woww...thank you for noticing me @theb0red1. I’m just home today but will do my best to share it with all steemians. Hehee..just happy 😃 here.


No problem, #uloggers belong in the @steembasicincome project so I’m just trying to do my best. Keep ulogging!

Good thing your day turned out right after all. Thanks for the upvote, @theb0red1. You’re welcome to follow me.