My Life Yesterday, 6.12.18 #ulog

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Hey everyone!

Yesterday I found this funny looking cute wall hanging. It really brightened my mood for the morning!

The drainage tubes from my moms surgery were taken out which was good and everything about the surgery seems to have gone well with no complications.


The next step along for her treatment will be chemotherapy, but that won’t be until another couple weeks or so.

Worrying about my moms recovery and future treatment, along with the heat of the day and feeling sore from doing too many pushups lately (lol I’m so weak), made me really feel like not doing anything all day, especially work.


Along the course of the work day, I found myself in a little bit of a rough neighborhood.

Someone had graffitied this “flawless” hashtag on the side of a house and I thought it was a great statement as a piece of art.

It’s kind of a reminder that no matter your circumstances, it’s good to have little self confidence so you can face the world.


These are some cool little metal balls I found on the construction site.

They’re drippings from the plumbers soldering some pipes together!


For my meal, I had some more steak with some veggies. I chopped up a bunch of Chinese cabbage, a bell pepper, and a little bit of onion.

A little sriracha and a splash of apple cider vinegar and it was good to go! It turned out really tasty and it filled me right up!


After I ate, I went out to do a little roller blading. It’s been probably about 20 years since I last skated, so it was fun to do something from my childhood 😄

It’s also kind of funny to see my stubby little legs in these 😂

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